God Has Cursed America

Why do some say "God bless America"? 500 plus years of repeating the same lie.

I'm not a believer in curses, but I keep seeing signs and hearing people say "God Bless American and I'm wonder what's going on with them and with what I know and am experiencing. It seems the more of that I see, the more things go the other way. Plus, people seem to get so upset for anyone differing or not realizing this blessing. Is this a selfish or self-righteous thing?

God Bless America are we asking or telling! Was it a blessing before the Pilgrims or a blessing after the Pilgrims? Is it as the Pilgrims refer to it or is it as the Pilgrims want us to believe? As we go around praising God for what we say He has done to aid us in the capture of America, do we ever think about the consequences of how we did it and are still doing? Do Americans show any signs of remorse?

Some where between the years 1492 and 1620 God placed a deadly curse upon America. I don't think this deadly curse is upon the land, but upon the people who took this land. Any way, here we go...

Columbus is credited for discovering America in 1492 and in 1620 the so called Pilgrims/settlers allege they came to America to escape political and religious differences in their home land, but little did anyone know they had an underlying agenda and that was to rob, steal and kill to take this land.

Not long after their arrival the indigenous people welcomed and taught the settlers how to survive in their land. They had no earthly idea they were about to be betrayed, murdered and their land confiscated by the very people they were helping.  

As the new settlers were being helped, they saw how beautiful this people, land and resources were so much so, until they committed genocide to claim it all for themselves, all in the name of Christianity. Obviously, the land and indigenous people were blessed before they arrived.

After taking ownership of this land, people and resources, the new settlers exploited Africans, using them as slave labor to fulfill their every selfish desire creating nothing but unnecessary stress and pain. They even treated their own women as second class citizens. Where is the blessing in this?

At no time in the history of America, since the arrival of the new settlers, was there a blessing for the rightful land owners, the slaves and women? The only so called blessing was to those settlers and the wealthy who committed these gross crimes and are consumed with the ideas of genocide, the inhumane treatment of Africans, women and the same people who tolerate this kind of temptation, violence and abuse.  So, how was that "the life" and where are the blessings in land, people and resources? And we hide all of this by saying, "these blessings are open to interpretation"?

These same “erroneous blessings” are what we entertain and seek today. We’ve been lied to for so long it now seems right.    

The new settlers exploited and are still exploiting this land, all of its’ valuable resources, indigenous people, Africans and Religion. At which time, in the history of America was we ever “good Christians”? The Christian religion caused the new settlers and other “wanna-bees” to want to be anybody, other than themselves and that’s where we are today.

Today, we’re still under the same political and religious differences, but at a more profound level. Further, we’re still denying our guilt and living the same old lies/bogus dreams, “we’re better than everyone else”, “we’re better than before”, superiority complex and in this belief lies the curse of God on the people who created this New World. In America we have the victors and the losers and the loser far out weigh the winners, so where is the blessing in this? If we're intentionally denying fellow citizens of what they have rightfully earned, even one, then the whole people, country, ideals and hope are compromised/cursed.

This curse and self destructive tactic are still upon us today and has been expanded by America to seize vital resources from other countries. And it will remain that way until we change.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!