Going back to yesterday

Ever wonder why we're experiencing so many problems today, yet we still think and act like we're "on it"?

All you ever hear about America is White Americans, mass media, boasting about all their accomplishments; and everybody else is just going along with this "founding fathers bullshit", but what's really the truth here? If my founding fathers were like these I pray I have sense enough to change.

Going back to yesterday

I was attending a predominantly white church when I heard the seniors in that church lament to going back, going back to a time when a man’s word was his bond, lower crime… They said we want to go back to a time like it was before…

I thought back to a time, the early seventies, where I could remember and what came to my mind was, “I had to flee my town because there was nothing good there for me”, which went even further back than the year 1848.

Though I had a college degree, the good ole boy network was not willing to neither pay nor put me in a position of responsibility according to what was promised for such academic achievements. Even though I was a good boy, followed established guidelines to make a better world, I was denied. Disappointed in all my vain employment efforts the military was the most promising opportunity for me. Has anything changed?

What was so good about going back to this era, why would I or anybody else want to go back to such an unpleasant and false experience?

Even today I look at my fellow graduates who stayed at home and they are just victims of the, “already corrupt” good old boy network. The most qualified did not get the better jobs, instead they went to the much less qualified good old boy network. Is that what and still is happening to our personal and professional development, which led my/our hometowns to what they are today? Show me a honest politician, law maker, preacher, superintendent…

Going back to yesterday we were different people, but an even more terrifying, violent and abusive people than we are today and that is in every aspect of the word and world. This was all due to extreme violence and abuse, genocide of the indigenous people, participation in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, racism and gross violations of women rights in the United States of America. If these people of yesterday were abused and abusive then, what people would want to go back to such a time?

It seems white Americans, with their claims of superiority, are the only people who benefitted from such atrocities and suffrages; and therefore are the only people wanting to return to such a violent and abusive history. If women and people were negatively impacted by such atrocities, don’t you think our children were?

They say crime rates of yesterday were lower than those of today, but that is a “bold face lie”. The thing was and still is; “only white Americans reveled in committing such violent and abusive crimes” and it wasn't reported.

Yesterday wasn’t anywhere near right, just like today and it never will be until we recognize such gross negligence in economic, social justice and change.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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