Gone Fishing and Looking for Love

Joy and Excitement, is there a shortage of love? 

Why can’t you accept you as you are? What do you appreciate and how eager are you to share it? Where is the joy and excitement in your life? If you were really, really good, would you have these problems? Why more and more Americans feel the need to be armed? The feelings of loneliness and lowliness?

Do we ever stop fishing or looking for love? And what I’ve learned from all of this is “Life is a Journey” and we’re constantly on a quest.

Like buying a pair of shoes, they fit good in the store but when you get them home they’re uncomfortable. However, your favorite pair you’re going to take a little extra care and have them repaired.

Do you really love and respect yourself? In particular, African Americans, why do we have so many problems finding love?

In today’s life, we have so many conditions, definitions and meanings to love, none of which are long term or realistic. you cannot open up to this person, you cannot open up to that person, you have know'em... and all of this when you're on the wrong road. A very unappreciative people, we're the ones who screwed love up - in a low manner, condition and position. These are feelings of loneliness and lowliness.

Most of our relationships are for convenience and/or personal gain, rather than caring. Look at our children, domestic violence and abuse… and our submissiveness to everything the white man offers. In our relationships, there’s third person, he’s not friendly and his face is white.

We don’t want to recognize him but we want what he has and whatever he says goes. Then there’s the person or so for whom we’re searching. We have so many unrealistic expectation and they are not our own, because we’re unable to create anything within our society.

Why do we want to settle for loving ONE? Why are we selfishly looking for someone "for ourselves"? Why does he have to be a "God fearing man"? Why are we following all of his evil ways? Why must he have a job, an education, money... do we set our own criteria?

That special someone he describes is all lies. Everybody wants to find that one special person and we have plenty of opportunities. The problem is when we get them, we put our foot on their necks, rings on their finger, signed contracts... Really, what good does all that do, when we should allow them more freedom.

Now, I have to listen to you tell me all about how love is, when we should accept each other as we are. In our communities, who decides what love is and who polices this? How can you find love when you cannot listen and obey self?

People rich in character, why can't we all be and why isn't that "the only criteria" for love?

Loving people are pleasant people all the time and they care. You don’t have to find love, love is in your heart and it attracts, when you listen and obey self. Appreciate, create and Love everybody, share it! Share your joy and excitement, take it fishing and use it for bait! I love you.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!