Good Fathers make Bad Men?

If you are such a good father how in the hell does the world be so bad today and why are you so down on, afraid of our young males today?

Who's responsible for all this high ass crime, and confusion? Who are you? Are you a male, what nationality, income, credit score, address... are you qualified for this loan, this job, this money?

Good men have been credited by the amount of money they're able earn? The clincher to all this are the qualifications used to determine if you can even apply. Why have we so complicated living?

Do you think  you can live in a world considered so  bad and consider yourself above it all? Aint that the problem? You are good but you cannot help the rest of the world, but in your daily religious practice you claim to be saving lost souls. Then, you prescribe this fictitious lifestyle to everyone else.

What’s the key to being a good father? There’s something about being a good man on which you can count but where are the “good men”?

Fathers talk about deserving they are to be the man in their homes. They go on to carrying the age old “alleged” tradition of being the rock within their marriage. They portray themselves as going to work and coming home and participating in other family type activities as the culmination of life. They make public appearances together, giving the impression they strengthening their family bonds.

Women of these Fathers compliment this mysterious tradition. They talk about how determined they are to maintain a monogamous relationship with their special man and condemn those of us who reframe from the legal institution of marriage.

Both participants in these monogamous relationships view singles as a threat and/or a curse upon their relationships. They go public about encouraging others and giving hope for others to achieve the same success. They talk about it not being easy but with love and God on your side, you too can make it.

How many men can you depend on? Why do you have so much faith that if one is divorced you can find another, even better?

You know men have been the brunt of women criticism for as long as the new America has existed. Today is proof that marriage prior to me being born was a lie and possibly the greatest form of gender and sexual abuse, known to mankind. But it all was covered with lies and phony relationships, just to give the impression of a miraculous relationship which never existed. Jesus was never married but we swear upon his name in order to get married.

Men today are so confused about what role and responsibility they should play in society, they have no earthly idea about how to proceed on anything. Consequently, our children, especially males, grow up not knowing how to be good fathers.

You got married because you knew this was the right thing to do, even though you have never seen it work, does not know how it works and swear you are going to be better than your parents. Is the world today better than the world yesterday?

If you look at our quality of life today, the answer is an unequivocal NO. Pollution, domestic violence and abuse is at alarming levels and steady rising. You must lock everything, have cameras, guns, lawyers.... just to look like you are surviving. If you do not look like, what we visualize as surviving then we will declare you as indigent and treat you like shit.

We use the likes of celebrities and rich folk as an example for who you ought to be. People your money made rich so they can turn around and dictate to you how to live. Remember, America was built off the backs of Black Americans, whether you see it as direct or indirect.

The thing to understand here is: We spend all of our lives trying not to be who we really are.

We were born good human beings, but by the time our society finishes with you, you do not know if you are a bird, a duck. Those claiming neither do not understand the psychology of this all, otherwise you would not subscribe to the demographics presented.

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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