Growing Together

Is that idea a hoax, then why do we keep preaching and teaching being good productive citizens...

If it is an impossible dream why do we call ourselves the United States of America? Are we united when you’re suffering and I’m having a good time? Am I not supposed to be concerned and help my neighbor? What, then why are you teaching me this? What, who am I supposed to work with all this knowledge you deny, just because you don’t want to see the dream become a reality in real time.

Growing together, we say and mean to do it, but are we too mean to do it, too selfish? Does that just include you and your family, your church, board members? Well, if you're controlling everything, how does that give me a chance. What can I do about the over inflated prices of food, housing, transportation, utilities....?

I see ya’ll all the time, boasting on your favorite celebrity, how good they were and all about how they made you feel… but remember, in the world of reality, you mean well  but instead all you do is cause hell, why is that?

If it ain't race, it's religion, do you realize how consumed we are with implementing these two great evils. Calling ourselves civilized, we too quick to fight of either one of these.

They say it’s all about attitude, so what’s the problem? Many have lost their life trying and it looks like those who oppose always win, so what drives me? A death wish is the furthest from my mind, but to actually live the life I preach and teach is just that important to me. Compromise is not an option.

Is it right for me  to prosper while you are being denied. Didn’t we say we want more so we can do more, so why do we keep doing, just to be doing? Why have we turned our backs on the American Dream? Why do we give much to a few while denying many? Is there not room for “all”? Is it a fact that whatever goes up must come down?

 Growing together, constant curiosity, knowing just to know. Seems most are bored with it, don't understand it or are, actually intimidated with it.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!