Happy Father's Day 2016

Please tell me it is just me....

I'm doing the best I can to realize this happiness everyone is experiencing on this father's day. This one day in the year set aside for well wishes for fathers, is it worth all the effort we put into it?

Just yesterday, everybody were an assholes, too strict, rich dad poor dad, don't believe in same-sex... and today all are respectful, loving, romantic, supportive... what happened?

There are those fathers who really appreciate their children. I see them being taken out to dinner and showered with gifts, is this because of what they did, is this guilt, how did they get themselves, how do they warrant all this special attention on this day? How do they get over all their problems?

Then, there is the rest of us, ridiculed by everybody, the deadbeat dads, the ones who cannot get it right for nothing, our children love and appreciate some other man. It's not the appreciation for the other man as much as much as it is the ignoring of the biological father. What about those children and parents who cannot let bygones be just that? What kind of children appreciate another man more than  their own? Village, tribe, community, do they just join whatever of these?

Is it what you do for them which causes them to recognize you as their father, a good father, even if you are their father? Then, under family values, why do they recognize other men for "what they do for them"? If there's no substitute for Jesus why is there a substitute for daddy?

I love what others did for me but I never disowned, belittled, disrespected my father. I never put another man above another, I never discredited one for another.....Why don't these same children just appreciate their parents for bringing them into the world? Why don't parents appreciate baby daddies? Why is there all this other drama? Are they angry, trying to be like that dad who is receiving all the special attention?

What really makes dad special? Accepting your own fate. So, whatever your situation, don't let what "looks like" cause you to punish yourself for something you cannot control. Parents can be very treacherous, unforgiving and couple that with the legal system and you have a recipe for disaster. So, for those fathers who are not recognized as "good fathers", on this special day, Happy Father's Day.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!