The God about which African-Americans speak is a God introduced to them by White Americans, the greatest abusers and haters of all people.  African Americans fought for the right to share this Christian God and every since their lives have gotten worse and worse, just like the white folk who serve this God.

I had a good friend share with me,,, “how he found God”. He talked about how he knows God, that it was only God who brought him through. That it wasn’t his mother, his sister, his friends; but only God was there in his weakest moments. He had a very convincing testimony about what happened to him, upon the death of his father.

I’m listening to this big, over educated, unappreciative Nigger testify about what everybody experiences, thinking about what’s the difference between his daddy dying and my daddy running away? Do you realize how many black folk don’t have daddies grow up with them or parents for that matter? And even the ones who do, the dysfunctional, selfish, unappreciative situations in which they live.

I see, what you would call well-to-do-niggers everyday and their lives are even less of a quality than mine. They appear to have it going on, when it is just the opposite. It seems the more degrees, the more titles the more disillusioned, fucked up our people are.

Then, he went on to testify about his wife and children. Saying how dedicated and good his wife was. Well, if the truth be told, most niggers with good wives, all they want to do is “get away from them”. Even this big Nigger’s sister has three babies by two different daddies, now you tell me which daddy separation is more traumatic? Would it be the separation of baby daddy number one or baby daddy number two? Which of these daddy situations is more traumatic, niggers growing up with daddies or without?

Why would any of God's children do this to all of God's children?

(((your inner

White folk Black Folk

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!