If we're so happy then why is the happy song so popular?

I’m happy really means, is happiness the same for all, like equality, rights, vows, votes...? How do we live by the same definition?

I’m happy really means, so many stressors, betrayal, deceit and people on which you cannot depend. How do you find happiness in all of this craziness? For what are you seeking to make you happy?

So many happy people with angry dispositions, they're treacherous, why is that? So many people dictating what you need to do and what you're doing is not working? Why are you walking around with so many questions, if you're so happy?

Many cover their sad emotions with doing nothing, religion and other material possessions. How do you get happiness, is it easy or hard? Whatever happened to our “come a day earlier and stay a day late” attitude?

You hear people claiming to be so happy, but in the world of today, do they really understand what they’re saying and is it true? They talk about how happy they are with their decisions, but do we really have a decision and are our decisions more wrong than right? How long does happiness last?

The buffet seems to be the most popular style of happiness these days, too much just to get you in the door -greed. How often should we eat, is it three times a day or all day long in moderation? Does eating make you happy?

Happiness last about as long as a meal and too often it doesn’t last that long, just depends on what you eat and no matter how much you eat, it is just a matter of time before you must eat again. Then the nutritional value of what you eat is more important than how much. The old saying goes, “what fattens one just might kill another”.

Your happiness is not necessarily someone else’s happiness and their happiness for you is nothing like your happiness for self.

Another good analogy to help understand happiness and how it works is “fishing”. Fishermen do everything they can to trick the fish into biting their hook. Are you willing to bait the hook? Then, catching your first fish is always an exciting moment until you see what’s on your line. Then, if you caught a desirable fish, one is never enough and the question here is when is enough enough? How much effort and time do you put into fishing? And then the more fish you catch the more bait, time, energy, effort, fish to be cleaned, cooked and stored, which says, there are unhappy tasks to be performed in order maintain your happiness?

Who defines happiness for you? Happiness is an appetite which constantly needs feeding. 

Happiness is truth.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!