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Helping you, how does anyone know what help to give you? Does experience count...

I often wonder about the rude wakening for the shit we do. Especially, when I see those I'm supposed to follow intentionally misleding the way.

We're all looking for help or we wouldn't follow this education thing.. For some reason, we've resigned ourselves to "institutional help", hence; information from individuals  cannot be depended upon.

So many lawsuits, legal battles has pushed individual knowledge to "zero". Crazy isn't it! Nothing counts unless it has been approved by some institution.

How does an institution have power and the people who work there do not? Why does it take a school to validate you and an individual can't?

We've stripped away the power of the human being, so no human being is responsible for his actions unless in a formal institution of learning. Now, nobody knows shit for life. Everything is book learning and experience doesn't count for shit on the surface, so we do not respect our elders. But when it comes to the bottom line it's all about "helping" and who's able to garner the most help.

So the best way to help yourself is to help them help you. The help me help you facade.

Is aha and ahshit the same?

Helping Starts Harming - Your Inner Voice

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The Help Me Facade

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!