Helping The Less Fortunate

Oh, the lies we tell! Who are the less fortunate?

Who could be more less fortunate than anyone who thinks someone is more less fortunate than they are. Does your belief of having more qualify you good or is that a sin?

Amazing how we regurgitate what we hear. Even the Bible tells us, not one of us is better or less than the other, so from where did we come up with this less fortunate shit?

We do not do it but we do enough to cause one to believe we are doing it. That is deception is it not? Do Americans really help the less fortunate? Are we more concerned about the middle class  than we are the poor class? Why would we even create a middle and upper class or did they create themselves?

I'm upper class, so what does this mean? I am middle class so what does this mean? I am poor, what does this mean? It all means we are out for SELF. We ain't going to help nobody unless we are getting something out of it.

Those who have manage to move themselves over into more lavish so called developments, does that mean they have accomplish more or is it less?

You look in a poor neighborhood and what do you see? do the same with a rich neighborhood and what do you see? Is college helping anybody and how can it help? Why would you have to go to a college or university to learn  that shit? Are we teaching our people how to take advantage of their own people or how to sharpen their skills? Why are our jobs diminishing? Why is crime on the rise? Why cannot we have enough roads, cars, public transportation, food, housing and why is not this shit becoming more affordable instead of less affordable? Is this the intended purpose?

The rich hide behind privacy fences so you cannot see how wasteful they are with what they were able to con out of society, while poor people live a very transparent life, surrounding themselves with the same carnage, the spoils of the land. Then we have nerve to say "the appearance" of one group is better than the other. We would rather live with the rich and famous than live with the poor, so what are we really saying about the less fortunate?

No such thing as less fortunate but everyone needs help. 

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!