High-pressure tactics used in America

Simply put, quantity over quality!

If you asked the average American, they would say high pressure tactics are not used in America, the made-up their own minds.... that is how fucking stupid Americans are at this time.

The difference between overstanding and understanding? Utilities, Taxes, Insurance, even to getup and go to work, Americans would not do, if high-pressure tactics was not being applied.

Business are profit driven, they pressure themselves to extort all the money they can before they DIE. They will do whatever it takes and require you to do the same. The only creativity and innovation you can contribute is limited to the bottom-line, not quality.

Human interaction has been replaced by machines and does a machine give a flying-fuck who you are or what you want, but they are designed to cause you to think otherwise.

First we got phones and thought they were a good thing, but whoever would have believed a phone would be used to make decisions about your most important business?

High-pressure tactics are defined as the illegal use of threats, physical intimidation, fear or coercion; or aggressive, persistent persuasive tactics in an attempt to make a sale. Often, this term is used in reference to the sale of insurance policies, often used in the marketing of policies supplementing Medicare.

And if you really want to see how much pressure will be applied to your ass, just purchase something and refuse to pay or late payment.

My question is, How did we arrive at this? Starting as an immigrant American struggling to make a living in America, to an American exploiting every fucking thing? How did we move from building your own house to someone else building unaffordable houses, cars, utilities, logging, mining, polluting, extorting... and we call this affordable.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!