Hospitals and Torture Chambers

What's happened to the commitment?

So, you slave for another man to do what? Just what do they do with all these profits, because I don't see shit changing for the better.

What Do Hospitals and Torture Chambers Have in Common? How do you convince a people they need insurance to receive much needed health care?

In so many ways I regret expressing these feelings, but if you don’t speak up, then nobody knows. I really value their much needed life giving skills, but the astronomical costs associated with these services drive health care providers into an immoral, unethical and inhumane category. It is a heinous crime, creating serious problems for patients, American citizens and the American way of life. These crimes are so heinous Americans fear addressing them. These crimes are just as serious or more so than those committed in torture chambers.

Hospitals, especially America hospitals are synonymous to torture chambers. Somehow, we’ve managed to put out of business any affordable health care programs and this has open the door for a monopoly by licensed health professionals, putting the public at the mercy of health care professionals licensed to rob you blind.

Hospitals are facilities supposedly created to help those who cannot help themselves. It seems if there was one profession, dedicated to the service of its people, it would be the health profession. If you can remember when doctors made house visits, just because they knew how valuable their skills were, then you cannot understand how we went from that to the services you can afford today.

These asinine health care costs are so high the general public actually fears participating in health care programs, because they cannot afford them. Now, to combat that problem health care professionals have collaborated with insurance companies which allows participants to contribute to this giant money hole over time, in exchange for them paying a portion of their astronomical hospital expenses.  The only thing these insurance companies are interested in is PROFIT and it’s at any costs, even your life or limb. All of which adds an addition financial burden for citizens to pay for services they still can’t afford.

We boast about how great our programs are and they are, but I shutter over the number of people dying daily, just because of this predatory process: highly trained professionals available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the latest equipment and building standards to meet patients’ expectations and state mandates and compensation for patients they treat at a loss. What’s the difference in this industry and any other? They have free will to amass market power, raise prices and decrease competition, since patients must go to them.

On one hand, our hospitals are providing much need life giving skills, but on the other they’re causing more pain and suffering than a torture chamber. The medical services you receive are no better than the money you can afford to pay and that is brutal torture. Nothing is more convoluted than hospital pricing.  When are enough profits enough? Why does money drive our health care programs? Why can’t a program created for the people be supported by the people? Why are there so many middle men between you and your much needed health care? Why can’t we just stop all the bullshit and have an affordable health care program?

If you don’t want to pay these ridiculous medical expenses then just shut up and die, the attitude of the health care profession wasn’t always this way. They started out taking an oath which had nothing to do with profits, but today has all to do with profits.

If you’re fortunate enough to be accepted into an American hospital, the astronomical costs are going to be nothing less than TORTURE.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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