Electric mobility scooters

Round for a Reason??? Electric mobility scooters crippling our society, users and abusers.

9/10 People Pay Little Or Nothing For an Electric Wheelchair!

Motorized wheelchairs, have you noticed the significant increase in people using motorized wheelchairs shopping carts and the number of people using them who obviously do not need them? How do you distinguish the difference, should you? It has become quite a fashion statement these days. Have you noticed users who walk from their automobiles to inside stores, searching for motorized shopping carts? People needing the damned things do not want them. An eighty-four year old lady broke her knee and upon healing returned her mobility items. She refuses to keep using them, saying, “They’re for people who need them, so I’ll return them for others in need because I can walk”.

The other day I noticed a real interesting situation involving a nice looking Senior in a motorized cart. What do they do when battery power goes dead in the middle of a shopping trip? Well, this lady drew attention to herself, as she was observed pushing the motorized wheelchair with her feet, that was low in battery power. She did that all the way to the door, then got up and walked out into the parking lot. Now, what could be physically handicapped about that lady?

Round for a reason, many electric mobility users suffer from obesity and other self-control/inflicted problems. Power wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters & many other products designed to  enhance mobility are actually hindering one’s own ability to be mobile. The less we move using our own power, the more dependent we are on artificial means of mobility. The more we become wheelchair bound.

The initial idea being to meet needs of the handicapped, not serve as an alternative means of transportation for those not needing. But what’s happening when the number of electric mobility users is increasing at an alarming rate? Does it indicate we have more disabled or more people abusing or taking advantage of technology?

Disabled or handicapped, what’s the difference? What’s happening when an increasing number of people are too lazy and use the hover rounds to appease to their giant oversized egos? Should they? What’s happening when electric mobility scooters are utilized to play Si-Fi games while shopping?

Are the manufacturers of mobility scooters aware of what’s going on? Are they more concerned about profits over crippling a society?

Is technology crippling us? Does that mean we’re killing ourselves? Is this proof? The automobile made us lazy enough and has evolved into weapons of rage, not to mention cell phones, computers as weapons of stupidity… and now mobility scooters and abusive users are adding insult to injury. It’s not what you have as much as it is how you utilize it –waste, fraud and abuse?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!