How Clean is America

This grave is looking better all the time. How clean are Americans?

The whole person concept in America is Nice-Nasty.

Stopping for a quick toilet break, at one of America's many roadside locations, inspired this article. How clean am I, America and Americans? Most would say, America and Americans are very clean, well we act like that anyway. Who would see a problem and not correct it? Who would create a problem and ignore it?

As you look across the American landscape people are constantly cutting grass, working on roads, buildings…cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Despite all the churches, Christian cleanliness next to godliness garbage, school health education, number one world power appear, America and Americans are amongst the dirties people in the world, if not the dirtiest. On the front side, we build all these artificial structures which do not coincide with anything natural, as a matter of fact, they work against Mother Nature and work towards the demise of a people and country.

Janitorial business is a booming business in America? You would think people who see this would lend a helping hand at maintaining a healthy environment. We do think we are very helpful don’t we? One would think, if someone saw a problem they would report it and immediate action would be taken to correct it. You would think business owners, church folk, private people would have enough customer service about them or pride in their personal lives to eliminate anything which would be offensive to their customers and employees.

Statics, you must be very careful with this one depending on who collects the information, there are three sides to every story. But how clean are Americans and America?

America, the country everybody wants to come to, striving economy, but is America turning into a dumping ground?

I associate dirty with being not well kept and offensive to users. Dirty is not wanted, lacking proper maintenance and an atmosphere conducive to hurt, harm and danger. Dirty is a serious hindrance to growth, safety and security. It is not things do not get dirty but who wants anything dirty? The foolish man would ignore cleaning, creating a hazardous environment and seriously compromising the best state of readiness.

Clean, first it has to be something people are “responsible” for. It is the desired level of personal hygiene, health and the state of readiness. Clean is the optimal level for being most effective and efficient. Clean is associated with being fresh, pleasant. Being free from unwanted matter is an atmosphere conducive to growing. The wise man keeps clean for the best state of readiness.

Of all the top quality stuff we boast of, why cannot we boast of having the same or above facilities? Why does something so necessary and simple leave so much to be desired? How clean is America? How often are Americans cleaning and to what extent? There are two areas I’m going to use to conclude this point, they are the kitchen and bathroom/toilet. These are the two most important areas to every human being and to accomplish this, every human being must have to them. They come in two categories and they are, public and private.

Public facilities the majority of which are locked guarded and reserved for customers only, due to abusive users (((no public restrooms))). The others are so deplorable and neglected they present a health hazard to anyone and anything approaching. This statement alone demonstrates the overwhelming abundance of abuse and neglect by Americans, people who profess to be so clean.

Private facilities if public faculties are atrocious, then that explains our willingness to accept substandard private facilities. These are the same people and spend much more time outside their homes.

Dirty, polluted and not fit for human consumption seem to be the current standard in America. The attitude towards cleanliness in America is nice-nasty. We are nice about creating the illusion of being clean, but when it comes down to being personally responsible, Americans are nasty as hell. No matter what we do, it is not nearly enough and who knows how much longer we can continue living so negligent.  On a personal level, government buildings, fast food joints, convenient stores and restaurants are the worst offenders. I mention government because these are the people who make laws, rules and regulations, but at the same time, the greatest offenders. Nice-nasty is lining your toilet seat but leaving your paper, how inconsiderate, disrespectful!!! Toilets and kitchens are so filthy and neglected it is better to go outside. You would thing the health department would have an easier job by now but due to the conflict in cleaning standards, sanitation looms out of control.  

 Air and water, the two most precious resources available to mankind are at the top of the lists for being the dirtiest.

The greatest producers of this pollution and trash are corporate America. Fine cars, fancy houses and elaborate structures, even though our elite would like you to believe they are the epitome of cleanliness, the truth is, they are the greatest producers trash, dirtying-up America and the least responsible for cleaning up America. We keep bumping that responsibility down and now immigrants, who understand the least about American hygiene standards, do most of the cleaning - damn.

Planes, buses, cars, manufacturers are the greatest polluters of air, but what do you ever see them doing to correct the problem. We raise hell about a little cigarette smoke, which is a mole hill to a mountain when compared to all other means of body abuse. All the talk about going-green with air quality at critical levels does that say how negligent Americans are?

Litter control, why so many signs threatening large fines for littering if American are so clean? Our highways are littered with auto parts but never any auto parts dealers out cleaning. They are littered with fast-food bags and rappers, but never any fast-food dealers out cleaning.

 Our drinking water, another of our most precious resources for healthy and prosperity is so polluted; bottled water is being purchased to avoid drinking it. We can help third world countries but is that to help them get where we are? Americans are best presenting a clean front, but behind the scenes conditions are deplorable, more deplorable than any sweat-house

Anyway, I’ve given you enough information here to make very informed decisions, but what will this do? Therefore, my conclusion is Americans love being nice-nasty. We portray being caring and clean when we are actually very negligent and dirty.  Some people do not want to do better, but who would ever say that? How can you be cleaner than the environment in which you dwell?

"woeful treatment of the accused"; "woeful errors of judgment"

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!