How did the act of dancing ever come about?

Would you ask a person claiming to have two left feet? The universe finally came up with something white folk could not do.

White folk, the world over think they can do a lot of things, but there is one thing, just one thing, Mormons, Christians claim they cannot, they admit, confess they cannot fucking dance. They can shoot you, blow you up, spy, jail,  politic, eat, drink,,, but White folk finally came up with something they cannot do.

Yeah, they did it to themselves and now... all they can do is sit back and watch...

It was back in the day, before white folk reinvented themselves. You do know there was a time when we were all the same. Yes, we were all just people, taking care of the land and we were surviving really good until white folk messed it all up by making themselves superior to everything.

When asked the shape of the earth, what shape was it before we were told about it being round? How do we go from one extreme, why do we go from one extreme to the next. First, who gives a shit what shape… think about shit… We claim to know more about the earth and everything on it, than we know about ourselves. Why do we give monetary rewards for knowing shit, is not that an incentive to cheat? Now, cheating is the premise of our education, embellishing, professing what was all freely given. We used to know what seasons, what was in and out of season, time, time to do what you were supposed to do to prepare for different seasons. Now, you ask the smartest one of us about Ant Wisdom and we have no fucking clue, but ask about politics and all hell breaks loose. How racist our government, even our own people are to each other, how disrespectful, misinformed and misguided and how we intentionally do this shit to self and others.

You know you don’t own shit, cannot own it, never will,,,how in the fuck do you own land? Do you really think you are controlling resources or exploiting them. Tell the truth, nobody owns shit, as a matter of fact they, you do not even know if you will take your next breathe, so how in the hell, how could you have the audacity… It is crazy how now, today, motherfuckers want you to believe you need them. Especially, our medical, we don’t tell  you  taking care of each other is a responsibility, you are not to be paid for administering medical attention to anyone in need. How do you put a price on helping the sick and if you did, it will lead to greater crime and corruption. It will be used against you, you, your country, family, people,,, how do you charge your momma, daddy, brother, sister, friend, neighbor…. We are all connected in some way, form, fashion but we choose the act otherwise.

White folk moved to America and after they finish whipping the Indian asses, they came up with this Country and Western Bullshit. They want to call it Line Dancing, Square dancing, but who the fuck wants to dance with them? That is the kind of dancing you feel like doing after you have massacred everything in sight. Is it sexy, sensual, are they?

People were sitting around, figured out they needed to do something to get rid of bad energy. We need to do something to show appreciation, thanks, homage to the notion of there being something in this world just as good or greater than us. Our future looked bright, we had something deep down in hearts and souls we really wanted to share with each other. Early in the morning, middle of the day, late at night, we knew, if we danced everything was going to be alright. No shame in the game and the shit went viral before we ever had a computer.

Guilty feet has got no rhythm is why Real White folk cannot dance.

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!