How Does It Feel To Be Dead?

Lion tale macaque, DOA - Dead On Arrival, Death and Destruction does this will power?

No evidence of foul play, injuries, suicide, or health problems are there any other reasons to be dead? 

Ask for clarification: Did our parents, our ancestors know, why did they teach us fiction over truth? What would they have done  had they known they were being tricked? Can you trick anybody into believing they're not being tricked and you wont trick them any more? I wanna kill all monkeys, but love Big Foot!

We’re so great, aren’t we, forth right, successful, technically advanced, politically, socially, economically, spiritually correct, it’s all what you believe. You don't believe what I believe, right off the bat, what does this tell you, like it or not?

Does this tell you none of this shit is real? No matter how much you like it, think it so awesome, war on terrorism, drugs, people, what kind of people is this?

There are so many liars and lies, like flies, pesky little insects being very discreet in all we do. We know what clothes to wear, shoes, purses to look like same sex. There’s something about this all. Why are we so amused, interested, taken aback, shocked, embarrassed about all we do? Is it because we realize how WRONG we were the first time.?

Which war was the right war? Which racism was the right racism? Predatory lending, insurance fraud, price grouching, motorcycle riding, gun toting, kill to extinction, music playing, sport watching, hypocritical… denying the truth… It’s  sad when a man starts to believe his own bullshit. When you make yourself a Number World Power… knowing all the time it's them niggers in the alley.

To whom are we singing, dancing, shouting, working for whom, for real, for who the fuck are we really working, is it for God second and man first, God, Guns, Gold? Be realistic with your stupid ass? Think about shit, this shit just don’t make sense. Can the doctors really save you, then why don’t they save themselves, whose saving them? Is it them causing you to believe only professional doctors know how to scare the hell out of you? And then there are Pharmacies, pharmacists trading legal drugs, how in the hell does a drug created to save you, ever become illegal? See, more lies and asses! You have to first realize it's all bullshit until we can believe the truth.

Another great example: Funerals, for the living, why do we paint these morbid pictures? We all have to do it, know it's coming, act so sorrowful, walk right out and start doing the same ole criminal shit. Why must any human being pay to be buried and we call that a fact of life?  Flags, murders, unemployment”””, politics… on and education, on and, corporate ladders, holier than thou, all knowing, when we’ve proven to ourselves, over and over again,,, we don’t know shit?

Well, if we did, the world sure wouldn’t still be so depressing. You can believe what you want, but when you walk out into reality? How are you happy watching my ass suffer? Get real with this shit. I don’t know shit but you know everything kind of attitude? I’m wrong, you’re right, I’m not college material but you are??? You’re paying everybody to do, more and more everything.. where the fuck is that going? Don’t care from what school, how many books, institutions of higher learning, political and professional labels, Xcientists, Preachers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, dentists, plumber joes, Rodney kings, ,, what is it all about? Our whole-bottom-line is it what we say or is it just the opposite and now, you’re believing your own bullshit?

Talking about dying, why would any sane man claim to want to die this kind of death? Would you want to be President this day and time, why can’t you be President? Remember when every little kid could dream about working hard and making it to the top? Now, today, what do you have with “same sex”, what you gon call your off-spring? Will it be “no hope” or will it be more lies and confusion?

Did you ever think we would see a day when a man didn’t know he was a man or a woman not know she’s a woman or a child not know, his mama, daddy, sister, brother just because of color? We are some real sick asses and have the nerve to claim race purity, superior being, cowboy shooting, cockps chasing, it's alright to go to church in public, but not pray, power driven, egotistical, phone using… what did people do without this shit? We act like we’re the smartest “motherfuckers” to ever walk the face of the earth and it’s alright for a Preacher to beg 65 million, to earn, bringing the neighborhoods and communities together to do more of what we’re doing. What kind of car do you drive, what will you ride to your funeral, why must they carry your lying, praying for grace, knowing it is not allowed?

This is really interesting; do you like Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims, Color, Gender, income, education, religion, where does the bullshit stop? Remember when, how we killed the dream of every little kid’s chance at being President, without being rich? How right we are for doing the wrong thing? Our misplaced priorities, warped value systems and we just get deeper and deeper in debt, yet everybody is successful. Nobody’s complaining, says it doesn’t do any good, yet everybody is struggling to get to the next level.. Is it supposed to be a struggle? Are you causing your own pain and suffering? Is this how a dying man looks?

When you look in the mirror, take a few seconds and look a little bit deeper, look all the way into your soul asking yourself, why do you put up with this shit, your make-up, designer, expensive, bling-bling, CEO, President, Mentor, subject matter expert, study, survey, the numbers, clicks, search engine optimization, wealthy, better than… look past all of your self proclaimed titles, labels, positions, income earning and see what really is. Is that really who you want to be? Is that really who you are? How is it supposed to be, why, how are we “so far off”?

Why must we have so many charities, is it because people stopped giving, did we discover new and better ways to give, why is it the more we give the more people need giving? How did everything we need for life, free and clear, get a monetary value attached? Why would any man spend his time putting a price on what he’s given? Why would any man attach a monetary value on his gifts and talents? Why would you restrict yourselves to something you were given? Why create the additional stress? Why use it against your own kind? You literally have to hate people, hate yourself, your own kind to put an additional charge on what was given, free and clear. We are the people who add monetary value to shit and claim it to be natural, mystically, economical and social growth in value, profiting... Creating and placing all these stipulations and stumbling blocks in our own path, knowing all the time;;; You get what you give, just a Universal Law and nobody has to teach you.

Life itself teaches, at an early age, even a baby knows what it wants, supposed to have and what it’s growing up to be. Why deny this shit, act like you don’t know. Every person knows when they’re being mistreated or being treated right and there’s nothing more hurting than to wake-up only to learn you’ve been betrayed.

Do we really betray people, honestly,,, would we,  are we above mistreating our own kind and calling it women rights, segregation, incarceration, unemployed, domestic violence and abuse. All these terms and more we attribute to living life, knowing all the time we’re doing just the opposite? Is there a Santa Claus for real, What about Christmas, do we celebrate them the way we should or is it all a racket?

You know but won’t act, what does that tell you, how do you explain this strange behavior? Do you say, I just don't like, they're inferior, people shouldn't mix, all about the government and how it's taking care of the people with taxes and all, food stamps, other Research and Development programs, the only people doing hings are people with money? How do you explain the differences, one man being more deserving that another, all about how you had to work for those not working? Why come up with a class system, income categories, intellect.. how do you take all the credit for inventing, discovering, the being the first... 

Who looks better, you or the monkey, who's more true to themselves, you or the monkey, who dislikes who? Is death the only way to render a people powerless when you can believe otherwise? You can't die if you never lived and if you have ever lived, there's no such thing as dying, unless you believe.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!