How Happy Are You

So you act like you're pretty happy, huh? If you're reading this then you already know. See what you can do about this phony façade?

Why are you so upset? Ever talked to someone who just doesn't care? Do you really care what others think? Does it affect your motor skills? What if your spouse is upset with you, can you function at your very best?

The rich folk ignore you and the po folk don’t want you, is there a middle ground? What happens when no one cares what you think about them? What exactly is it you want to be? Why can’t you be that without going through all the bullshit?

There's something about our society that keeps you working. I can only image how it would be without all these dangling carrots. So, is that how we keep each other going?

If we can make decisions on our own, why are reference so important, especially when you need a loan? Why don't we know whose been bad or good? Why is there this large portion of our population we don't care about?

Though we're in the survival business, we don't care if they're making it, but we want people to care about us? Learn why you're so upset and do something good about it.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!