The Latest Violence and Abuse in America

People are asking like they do not know. People are preaching the same ol bullshit, here is the only way to stop all the latest hurting and killing.

There are many who have high hopes of the latest violence in America, particularly between black and white peacefully ending. I wished I could say that was possible.

Being Dominated by White Supremacists, like any other bad habit, they cannot break it by themselves. Killing to extinct is their mantra. Do you think they want guns for toys or tools???

Understand the severity of this all, if they do not respect President Barack Obama why do you think they are going to respect you? The greatest fear of now President Barack Obama is having to take sides with his own people. To discredit any thoughts of this he has demonstrated he too is not a threat to white supremacist America, he, his family and staff has done everything possible to show he can turn a blind eye to the plight of the most deserving people in America, Black America and we understand this, huh? This goes to prove how far we will go just to get along with the culprits.

The reason why it cannot be reversed is the culprits will not tolerate this. If they didn’t share with Native Americans and wiped them out, what makes you think they will spare your ass? The only reason lives of Black America has been spared is because we are so loyal to those who feel they are superior and determined to dominate people, land and resources.

Another other reason why this violence cannot end peacefully is because the victims really do not believe they are victims. They are too tempted, thrilled by all the power and wealth they perceive the culprits possess and have promised to share. We want to share their evil spoils too.

Historically, all the culprits have ever done is lie, are still lying and for what reason do they have to change? Native Americans had the same hopes, fought the same battles and negotiated the same peace treaties to their own demise and the so called victims of today helped. There are grave consequences for helping a wicked people dominate, people, land and resources. In other words, we are just as guilty as they are and in our own regard, even more so.

The victims have assimilated for so long they feel apart of the culprit, therefore are entitled to the same rights and privileges.  Be careful for what you ask because what you are asking for is like asking to share with the devil.

The culprits are most notorious for their ability to exploit or dominate anyone and anything they want, so how would it benefit them and/or you to share that evil, to be approved by them?

How do you help a people who refuse to help themselves? We have turned our backs on our own communities in exchange for theirs. They and us must be helped by a third party. How can the culprits and victims conduct and "unbiased" investigation? Why do you think people rally together for their cause? Black Americans are denied and have accepted being denied their cause in exchange for taking on the causes of their culprits.

This is nowhere near the first time Black America has attempted to fight/revolt/rise up against against their American enemy and/or for their own cause, and every time we were defeated and forced to settle for less, that is how we got to today. This is why Micah Johnson did what he did, Harriet Tubman did what she did, Nat Turner did what he did. This is why the likes of MLK, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Medgar Evers are all DEAD. This is why President Barack Obama is obliged to turn a blind eye.

Police brutality against black America is escalating because white supremacists perceive the "new Black America" as a threat. These niggers don forgot who they are and who we are. They must put these new niggers back in their places before they and/or somebody else think they are just as superior. Well, the new niggers ain't having it and are proving they will die first and justifiably so. Problem is a lot of people, "not innocent people", will be hurt and or killed in retaliation. None of us are innocent for allowing this shit to go on for so long.

All attempts by black America to peacefully coexist with white America have been met with violent resistance and/or trickery. All attempts for any other people to coexist with white America have been met with the same violence and abuse.

They have even more and we have even less, so what has been happening?

Understand shit, stop the same old stupid shit expecting a different result. Would a battered wife go to her abusive husband to negotiate a peaceful resolution? NOOOO and it is asking too much, too much anger, hatred, fear…and is even more humiliating, more submissive. Even the abusive husband feels empowered if it happened this way.

The only way anything can be done with White Supremacist America and their inhumane treatment of Black America is to prove to the rest of the world this is what it is. And they are  not just in America but America is where they do the biggest of their dirt and we are too intimidated to report their asses. Instead of going along to get along report this shit.

White supremacist America is nowhere near as powerful as they have you to believe and that is why we are not allowed to “talk to strangers”. Then, we will be helped to do what we cannot do and what the culprit refuses to do.

(((your inner

"Justified because DOMINATION"

why is it so hard to leave a bad relationship?"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!