Drama, how does it start?

When does drama end?

Drama starts with feelings of denial and the temptation to get what you want causes us to act out. Some of us are masters at this game and measure above ordinary must be employed to get us off your back, the most popular of which is disciplinary action. We see the increasing need for disciplinary action, which is not our goal.

We know the universe says “yes” and it is our natural instinct to overcome challenges together, but in our desire to be self-righteous, to control or to be recognized, we have created the word “No”. Being told know and expected to obey challenges ones curiosity, until common understanding is reached? There is a pecking order and people are constantly prioritizing, in our struggle to keep up with changes.

To be socially and politically correct, we have implemented laws, policies and procedures, but do they really work? Today in America, there are so many written laws, policies and procedures directing what you can and cannot do people neglect their own creativity. We just simply stop thinking and depend on someone else to think for us, now you know how drama is started. Drama is actually carried out in our efforts to live within the boundaries. We want you to think we are, when we are actually not and it is okay as long as you can get away with it.

They say, there is more than one way to skin a cat, but many fail to believe this and are only going to tolerate one. They call it laying down the law or establishing dominance. Most have been rejected and abused so much; they have built so many walls to barricade themselves from others, nobody can tell them anything but yet they consider themselves apart of general society. Drama Queens do not give up.

In many ways, drama is related to bullying, manipulation, power and control, like a baby throwing a temper tantrum. Even as babies, we do not like being denied, disciplined and the story goes, are going to do what they want.

Drama ends when we learn to mind our own business and leave each other alone, unless otherwise needed.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!