12 years of mandatory education and What"

Now, it is 13 years mandatory but what do you get in return, how does it benefit our society?

Twelve years is a long time and then we added kindergarten to this K through 12 mandatory list, for a grand total of thirteen long years of your life dedicated to institutional learning. And we are steadily adding even more. The question is why?

Because this mandatory, formal, institutionalized learning occurs during the most impressionable years of your life, it set the stage for the rest of "our" lives. The value we place on it compared to the value it actually produces are two opposites. What we're producing is just the opposite of the desired results, if the truth be told. Instead of becoming more productive, we are actually becoming less productive.

The value of our system of education has been reduced to a mere form of costly BABYSITTING. Costly to who, you and profitable to Businessmen. There is nothing wrong with Big Business but is this the intended purpose? The idea is for those being educated to come out being just as profitable as those businesses requiring the education, not just the opposite.

Who would want spend twelve or more years of their lives working for an empty promise, while the big businessmen just get richer and richer -  tricked? Tricked and dicked by Tricky Dick!

The pretense of our mandatory system of education is that it is so beneficial to those participating, it is our cure-all for everything,,, when the participants know otherwise. How much of this mandatory education benefits us and our society?

Our society is made up of two industries, business and personal. Though these two are supposed to compliment each other, we teach they do not. Business and personal life does not mix, so we are taught and this is where the uneducated being pitted against the educated starts. We teach good business principles and practices but for obvious reasons, (racism, profits...) do not practice what we teach. Our system of education is a game of making-up the rules as we go along. Our students graduate expecting one thing, when the reality of it all is just the opposite - empty promises. Why are we requiring you to learn what you will learn anyway? Why does the advantage go to the immigrant, who does not subscribe to your system of education and none of the other bullshit we say you ought to have?

When a man learns to read a language he does not understand, what good is this? What good is speaking good English when the masters of the language do no speak it? Your parents did not understand it, you do not understand it and it is not bringing you the results you want, yet blames you. Is it the British accent, African, Native-American...And if did understand it, why are you plagued by crisis? You are being prepared to suit the businessman but what  is the man doing to suit you? He determines, demands everything to suit the needs of his profits and we so eagerly oblige, because we think we need profits.

So, until we wake-up we will be chained and trained to meet bogus requirements believing it is our dream.

The answer reluctantly is, "not much if any". Here is proof: It is not what you as much as how

That answer has been the basis for failure of our system of education, all other systems and why people are less inclined to make the best of this opportunity. 

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!