Christmas, what's happening to the celebration?

I am sad to even write this shit! Don't know where, how to start but my heart aches for change, for peace, joy, sharing, caring... just for one fucking day in the year, just one.

The question is: How was your Christmas, the most important day related to the holidays and how you spent it. Is it really productive or counter-productive?

Christmas was designed to be celebrated, lots of joy, spirituality, sharing, caring…especially in America. It seems there would be at least one day in the year America could be at peace, show caring, love and sharing and of all the days, looks like Christmas would be the most profound. Well, my question you is, wtf do people look forward to at Christmas and why do they get everything else but? Below are some of the comments I got:

we don't have Christmas in China and we have to keep working.

I hated it. Me and my boyfriend just been fighting all day and didn't even spend time together.

Christmas sucked for the most part. I gave him a gift but he didn't give me shit.

I have to eat all the goodies I bake. Hoping there is a break in the storm by 3 o'clock so I can walk…

When asked 'How was your Christmas?' I would reply, 'Lovely thanks. And you?' The reality is far too difficult and inappropriate for small talk.

Heartbreaking stories. Devastating stories....!

Now, for my real life experience: Christmas was a lot of prep work, it seemed overwhelmed with extortion and other related crimes, we call "shopping". President Trump even said he was going to put the Merry back into Christmas, do you think he really understands why it was removed? Did a lot of busy work around my house and decided I deserved a well earn break, so I went out into the city, visiting family members and friends, boy was I surprised.

Family members was my first stop, where the house across the street had been shot up the night before??? I sat on the front porch because a strange lady answered the door, I waited for my family member to join me for some Christmas cheer. The streets were littered with little Black children at play and within 5 minutes, I heard a conversation which let me know, they were not playing but gearing up to fight. Now, you’ve got all these brand new toys but you would rather fight than have fun or is there fun in fighting? These kids ranged from 13 to 10 years of age, with a language all about war and hatred. After realizing what was really going on they seemed without hope. 15 minutes later, taunting each other escalated into a full-blown street war, parents came out running, taking sides, calling police and people were scattering everywhere, damn. Christmas day, now!

Then, off to a nice little dinner to which I was invited and it was very nice until the end. At the end, a nice lady arrived but she was met with hostility. When asked why she came, she said she didn’t come here to talk to you Bitch, I came to get my husband and it was on from that point.

Then, I went over to the rich folk neighborhood. All decorated and beautiful, but not a soul to share the Christmas spirit. I wondered what they were doing behind those closed doors and how does any of this equate to celebration? It seemed another day of business as usual, without having to go to work.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!