Human Intelligence  and Human Beings

There is a lot of unexplainable dumb ass shit being done today, why?

The first is people are offended by what they do daily. Even the words we use daily, we act appalled when we hear them in public. Then, there are those who claim not to partake, but their thoughts are more evil than their words. Look at Christians for example: They want to lead the world but if you study their behavior they do not deserve to lead even pigs.

Today, our greatest claim to fame is education and how it is so available to every citizen, but when you look at what we produce, one must ask, what good are we doing. The proof is the more we educate, the less productive our citizens become. You don't need a study or statistical analysis to know this, just look around yourself.

And that is because we use our intelligence to work against human beings. A formally educated person is more respected than a person with wisdom. Is this self-destructive or what? We are actually poisoning our people, teaching them the opposite of what they need to know. Same-sex, false advertisement, racism, politics, justice, religion... have evolved more corrupt, less stable, as we educate our own people to hold these positions.

Do we really ever ask ourselves: What is the problem? Noooo, we don't have time. Instead of making our homes, communities, cities, states, countries more safe and secure, we are actually making them less safe and secure and we have a fucked way of cleverly rationalizing this.  We know it but you cannot say anything. This is how fucked up we really are and hiding it.

We say more affordable, but we know shit is higher than it has ever been. I guess the more shit cost the happier we are supposed to be. One emergency room visit $6000. 00, is this where we are supposed be? How is shit like this helping your neighbor? CArs, houses, utilities... all important shit high as hell but yet we call it affordable. We do not even know the value anything because of our own evil doings.

Our sense of intelligence tells us not to question, even we know it is wrong. Only mass media can say something is wrong any more. No questions but we have all the answers. All this unnecessary crime, corruption, violence and abuse, do we ever ask why... NOooo, we just keep pushing, no matter how grave the consequences. We have a way of sugarcoating important stuff and over complicating simple stuff. Who wants to be wrong, yet we know it is all wrong.

Before all this education, we used to respect the differences in all of us, the whole person concept. Yes, we had things like Indian wars, slavery but we were supposed to be recovering. Today, they are even worse. We show less remorse today and justify it by saying; What else do they want?  Today, we discovering more about, "we never intended to do right". We are so off balance and in a serious state of denial.

Now, the plausibility of getting a woman president is in the making, shit is going to change. Because of who it is, it does not mean these will be good changes, but she may very well have the power to change our world for good, how?

Masculine and feminine. We are accustom to living in a masculine society. Everything we do is approved by a man, again which does not make it right. As a matter of fact, this is a great wrong again. Donald Trump represents Business as usual, all masculine. Hillary Clinton could represent the first feminine side America has never had to address. It could be she gets in, just like Barack and Black people must be silent. Women might have to shut up and this is impossible on its on. Should this woman become president and do the best thing for the whole, which a Black president could not do, then we will start to live in a more grateful society, a society which makes sense and sense will become common again. We will start to better address the masculine and feminine side in each of us.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!