I want everything under the sun, what does it mean to...

Why deny me, am I not entitled? I just want to remember us as we are in this very moment.

At least I want to feel I have access to it all, to smile for no reason.

You know how you love your life, but want a something different, something more, requiring more? Something you've envisioned, you saw it all the way through, clear, concise, beauty, extraordinary, so much so you were scared. I remember my first jump from a plane, trying to become a paratrooper. Scared, literally shaking in my boots, but I saw, a vision and I liked what I saw.

That vision gave me confidence to do something I knew I had no earthly, logical explanation, egotistical, ego to do. And you know what's even scarier, I never had the same kind of thoughts as those by whom I was surrounded??? Somehow, I came to the conclusion God just made me different and for a good damn reason and you will never find another like me.

Are you the same, the exact same, even remotely the same, then why do we treat people differently? What's wrong with never being married? Why this problem with women rights, it wasn't that way before? From where did apartheid and a bunch of more cruel words, titles, pony positions.. come? How can any man take pleasure in hurting another to get what he wants?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!