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THE PARADOX OF ISIS, just what does Black America represent?

Do Black Americans represent the same as White America, are we really united? If you're offended, we've got a serious problem? If you're embarrassed, ashamed,,, we've got a real problem? If you don't know from which ethnic group you belong we got a problem? If you think your ethnic group only consist of people who look just like you we've got a problem greater than one could ever imagine.

Those would be some narrow-minded asses. They'd waste a lot of valuable energy and time trying to defeat everything they think don't look like them. They would have to educate themselves on how they're supposed to look, walk, talk... Now, why would a black man, how could he think that, why would he desire to be accepted/equal to such a disgusting kind of human being?

Remember, color really has nothing to do with this all, but attitude is everything. Why would you, anyone want to align themselves with such an evil spirit? Do you these white folk know how wrong they are and are just trying to see how much your stupid ass will do for a man of color - green? And the thing about this all is,,, it's all disguised in a JOB, not an ISIS, terrorism.

Do you think they care about terrorism, if they did then they wouldn't have done what they did. How could you be so comfortable in front of a firing squad?

These motherfuckers are more concerned about weapons than they ever are about people and lives. It used to be the bear in Russia, Al Qaeda in Iraq, immigrants in America..., now it's ISIS in Gaza, next it's Black folk in America? Any racist would gladly support such an ordeal, caring nothing about human life, just his own ass.

Is Black a color or is it different shades of white? Is ISIS a GODDESS or is She a terrible thing?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!