(((YIV))) DIY Upholstery Challenge

Would you try this?

A special thanks to Nita's Seamstress Shop for lending her sewing skills, Jeff Baker of Baker's Painting Company  and Dolores Davis for a helping hand and Roger's Upholstery of Macon, Ga. for guidance and supplies!

This couch is more than sixty years old and that is why we felt so special about taking on this project. If we were successful, we would feel like some of the all-time GREATS. We also agreed we shouldn't just redo, but took on the noble challenge of making it better.

It took positive attitudes and open minds to take on such a valuable and tedious endeavor.

Over the course of a weekend, we methodically took this couch apart, saving all the pieces for patterns.


Couch with back and bottom lining removed. Lining, springs, ropes and padding were dry rotted and/or sagging.

Everything was removed, down to the bare bones and we never did this before. We've not a clue, so we consulted with Rogers' Upholstery before getting started.

Springs and webbing were repaired and I should say "better". We used coat hanger wire and chicken wire for webbing and to stabilize springs. Felt it to last longer than the rope, which was previously used.

Dolores and Juanita trying to figure out what has to be done!

Over the course of the very next weekend, we put things back together, padding, lining and covering the entire couch.

Then we covered it starting with bottom, arms, back, back of back and bottom. We were told this order had to be followed and we did.

Surprisingly, the foam and padding jobs were excellent, first go-round.

Here, we've added a larger piping on back and bottom to better accent the job. We recycled the upholstery buttons and used them at the bottom front for more accent.

Finished except pillows and a wooden decoration on the front of the arms! So stay tuned.

All for under $200. SAVINGS!!! Materials were purchased with coupons. Nita's Seamstress Shop 

Now, you tell me what you think?

YIV, one for all, all for one vintage couch make-over!

The very next weekend added decorative wood to couch arms. I'm wondering if I will make it to the pillows,. locate foam and have it covered... stay tuned..

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!