I enjoy talking about race, sex and think it needs to be discussed much more

Improving Your Sex Life

First, these are very stimulating conversations when done properly. What's in your erotic trunk? Is there more than a Bible and a Law book?

Why, who in the world needs to do that? There’s vanilla sex – married sex to have a family/acceptable and there’s kinky sex – sex for pleasure/unacceptable, who draws the line? Does your sex life need a bit of kinky sex?

Most couples cannot decide the difference and resign themselves to what they’ve heard to be acceptable in society. Married sex is an important part of life and is needed to grow our nation. The problem with that is, after the job is done the desired do not go away and sex becomes very boring, if care is not taken. The communication process is compromised and the possibility of cheating increases. Further, the more different things you do, the more different things you must come up with, otherwise how can they be different; and this list is constantly changing with time.

Cheating is not because you hate your partner, but because of thrill seeking and thrill seeking can lead to the breakup of a good wholesome relationship.

To improve upon your sexual relationship, couples must talk about sexual desires/fantasies. Just as with anything else, there are those who are happy with vanilla sex and care not to expand their sex life beyond sex for having babies. However, there’s only a short window for having babies and there’s the rest of your life for pleasurable sex. But because pleasurable sex is associated with recreation, it is viewed as “not needed”.

Which image are you trying to uphold? The absence of pleasurable sex leads to aggression, just like all work and no play- a very unattractive being.

We overlook the fact that sex is a natural necessary of life, even more so than your eyes. Everybody wants to feel sexy. We create sexy things because sexy is a great attraction and in order to be sexy you must display erotic behavior - A very attractive being.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!