The Inhumane Treatment of African Americans in America

What are we going to do?

Get a good UNDERSTANDING: This is treatment less than the lowest animal.

Justice demands Accountability, so who's to be held accountable for all the injustices committed by White America against Black America? You either put up the money or waive the statue of limitations.

The treatment of African-Americans by White Americans is worse than racism, it is brutal, harsh, inhumane and criminal. It's on the same lines as the hypocrisy we accuse other countries, i.e. South Afrika, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria... and yes, it is "anti-human rights". What's the difference between apartheid and the injustices, murders, and aggressive confrontations used by White America to subdue Blacks in America? On every front Black Americans are met with violence and abuse by White Americans, unless you play their game.

The people who are committing these crimes are just as evil as those White Americans considered like Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Connor, David Dukes, F W De Klerk, Adolf Hitler, Jozef Stalin..., Black Americans are treated worse than Native Americans and women rights. We just go along with the program to keep White Americans believing some of us are better than the rest of us. Even the Holocaust didn't last this long.



So who bears the scars of Willie Lynch America?

White America denies this while Black America is educated and paid to shut the fuck up. The cover-up is all about blaming the victim. How can you fix anything when you refuse to admit?

This inhumane treatment of African-Americans in America has been going on since slavery and the only thing changed today are the lies White America sells and the niggers who believe them.

Once we remove the blinders and get a good understanding all else will fall in place. 

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!