Interracial Means What?

Do you know how much trouble we go through to maintain something we don't even understand, much less practice...

The Race Man! What is the real problem with you? Does interracial include you? How do you live by yourself? Better question, how can you live denying others?

If you’re so smart, so knowing, so Christian, so for human beings and the peaceful future of all mankind, please tell me what racist means? How did this bad overwhelm good? Now, please tell me what interracial mean? What an insult to making the world a better place for all people.

There's always a twist to what completion and racism causes us to do to ourselves, even treating ourselves like animals. Interracial means stick to your own race, otherwise there wouldn't be a need for this word and if anybody understood the term Human Race, mingling between races wouldn't be an issue. So, there had to be a racist to create the term interracial, which is not a word to be applied to human the human race, but a reason to break the bonds of racism - exogamy.

Well, just what about the rest of these mother fuckers, are we just to be ignored, disowned, taken away from, you don’t care...? In plain English, what are you saying, is it racist? If you don’t believe in interracial, then please tell me how we got all these interracial people, during a time when interracial was supposedly forbidden? Why must I be considered interracial? We keep creating unnecessary shit to combat shit that's wrong and never should have been in the first place.

HOw many races are there in the world, for you to hate? If you had to list them would they look something like this: Caucasian, Mongolian, Negroid or Mongoloid, Caucasoid, Australoid,  Capoid or Black or Negro race, Chinese race, Polynesian race, White race or Caucasians and the Red or Indian race… or would it simply be The Human Race. Why do we complicate things so? HOw many of these would you have named and the list goes on and on, all mixed up.

Why would a Mongoloid deny a Negroid denying a Caucasoid, denying a Negroid when nobody wants to be denied? Most I know who are born again racist can't pronounce these words, so why come up with a new one? Why do your eyes see what your brain cannot comprehend, how?

How do you turn your lips to tell anybody, including self, with what race of people they should mingle? What happens in emergencies? Should I allow you to perish as you me? What happened to just a plain old attraction, nothing to do with race?

We say everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but how can that be when yours is the only one that counts? You say you like white women and that’s alright, you say you like black women and its alright, I say I like white women and all of sudden, its interracial? Aren’t we all mixed and don’t know with what?

I'm a mutt, you're a mutt, we're all interracial so why deny self, who you could be, if you weren't so fucking narrow minded? Nobody wants to be left out. Being able to express all those feelings you've suppressed is the ultimate intimacy life has to offer. Why can’t people just be people including your interracial ass - The Human Race.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!