Invest in Self

What does that really mean? Who's the middle man?

I don't know nothing, but I think about the situation, why the economy so stressful? Why do I want a job, why am I so job oriented over business? Which would better serve me?

Why doesn't my work prosper me, just as it prospers any other business person? How can they come up with employment for myself, that I can't come up with on my own? Why do I want to do their work and my work? Whose work do they do? And the questions just go on to learn why I want what I don't want?

Sometimes I watch a little tv just to see if anything has changed? Now, they have a few more of us on there, but for who, what are they working? What if the whole damn thing is corrupt? Could they pay you enough money to work for a corrupt organization? Can you believe what you seeing on tv? Is real, designed to sell you or are you getting good information, entertainment...?

Grocery stores, would work for someone who's robbing and killing you and call it meeting your demands?

Ads, are they sincere or is it all about profits? And tv is just one aspect of what's really going on with me.

Is money my only motivator? Is it my loyalty to those who are nice enough to employ me? Why is so acceptable when I work for them, but so unlikely for them to work for me?

So, what's really needed here? Proactive Economic Development and Free Enterprise

The most important Investment you/we can make is in self. Not stock market and all that other bullshit that brought us to where we are today, but in something that last forever.

Self, family and friends, we are your business partners, neighbors, friend… I don’t know what’s worse, people who lie or those who believe their lies and think they have gotten away?

Why would I allow another man to put more restrictions on me than any other people?

“We” can turn individual action into collective clout! As happy as I am to stand up and be counted, I am equally disappointed in our approach to Proactive Economic Development. We fail to properly patronize and promote our own businesses. Our inaction threats the viability of our families and communities. We’re creating our own demise. Do we want to measure self worth in monetary terms? Our focus and lack of support means our families and communities will not grow in size and scale. The goal is self-sustainability, self-sufficiency… recycling your resources, not only dollars.

It is the mindset in which we've been trained? Who’s more dependable than yourself? If I can't be successful then who can?

Living and working together for common goals, where does that start, how?

(((your inner

After investing in yourself Promote YOu!

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!