Job Creation

In America the more jobs we create the fewer jobs we have, why?

The more police, the more crime, what’s driving this never ending vicious cycle of nothing, we are selling to the rest of the world? The world continues to demand more jobs and the world continues to promise more jobs, now, do you see the correlation? The realization of this all is, why keep demanding something which seems to elude you and you really don’t want? Let us look at what is happening in America, a country who believes we have it figured out and incredible stories are told each day.

Our future, our children do we really have job security or are we further from the truth than ever? Jobs in America DO NOT work. Jobs from back in the day have led us to the dead end jobs of today, why? The job situation in America is dire, from the employee to the employer. The since of responsibility is so estrange, our economy is more unstable than ever before. There are many reasons why the jobs of the past have been more productive, but the bottom line is our since of responsibility has been so convoluted by substituting things we do not need for things we need. Because all this sounds so good, like paved roads and highways, we no longer think it to be natural to drive on dirt roads. We feel denied by our government if our streets are not paved, then when they pave them and pile on the extra cost, rules, regulations and taxes, we feel violated and it all becomes a burden, not worth having. Road kill alone is an expense too great to accept but we accept it anyway and now, it is okay all the animals we kill with super highways and byways. “Keeping up with the Jones’s”, we do not think and can never be satisfied. What was natural, good and wholesome for all those before us has now become an obstacle and you wonder what the hell are we improving on, when the human aspect of life is ignored and we have drawn the line between professional and personal responsibility?

Our sense of progress is artificial and our state of denial is so prevalent, our priorities are out of control to what a need is and what is not, which has led America to corruption.  What we refer to as progress we sell these lies to the rest of the world. If these people really knew the truth they would want nothing to do with what we are selling, just like we do not. Our since of value is so out of touch with the real value, which is free. Helping has turned to hurting and over complicating matters. Exploitation is now the new norm rather than the exception. Our idea of job creation is actually destroying our sense of responsibily.

Since America’s humble beginnings, she has been plagued by a people full of unrealistic expectations and empty promises. Our attitude is so arrogant, patronizing and condescending we think we are the best at everything, while we abuse the same. How can discover what already is and why is research needed to understand what happens automatically? The more we think we understand, the less we really understand. What ever happened to tradition and culture, instead of things like celebrities and advertisement to promote inferior products and services?

Our since of responsibility, to ourselves and our environment, has been replaced with dead end jobs. There is no such thing as professional responsibility but all is a personal responsibility fueled by passion instead of finances.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!