Do kids appreciate Parents 

Do your kids appreciate you, as you deserve?

How can you want something, anything you're not willing to give and we all want to be love and appreciated, if we're doing good?

Do your kids really appreciate you, as much as you appreciate them? Do they really understand the of "who's helping and who's hurting"?

Who owes who should determine who, how you are appreciated?

How can your kids appreciate something they never put into action? How can they appreciate an action when they’ve never experienced? Does appreciation come after the fact?

I’m writing from the stand point of, based on my children’s actions they depreciate me.

Love, they say is an action word and we speak about all the kind acts we’re supposed to do to show our appreciation for “what is”, but if your children are anything like my children, they’re holding you accountable for every mistake you made.

Does your partner appreciate you as much as you think he or she should?

I’m also speaking from a standpoint of the women with whom I associate. Why don’t their children appreciate me, as much as I appreciate them?

One good friend says, it is natural for young or adult children to rebel against the man in their parents life, other than their father. So, that means it is natural for your children to not appreciate the other partner, no matter how good they are?

Though this maybe what’s happening, it is not true because it is not natural to hate someone or anyone for helping you. If a man is helping your mom, then certainly, obviously he’s helping the household.

Now, all this is understandable when a partner is hurting your love one. So if you reject a helper, what will you do for a person who hinders? Why, how is it natural to bite the hand that feeds you? How is it natural to hurt a person helping, no matter the relationship between the parents? Put the shoe on the other foot, would you like someone to not help you, when you’re helping them? How does this sick ass behavior help a community, family to grow? How is that "natural"?

Who can help because a parent passed away, or your mom likes who she likes, no matter what your ass thinks? What about the person you like? Do we really love and appreciate each other?

Does good triumph evil? I want to say to all the children who rejects, rebels against, dislikes the innocence of a partner who helps their parents, “ they are some very sick and ungrateful asses”. And the same goes for parents who sanction this deviant behavior.

Why look down or unfavorably on anyone whose helping? What you give will only come back to you. Now, you understand why my children are the way they are.

Good parents never give up nor in, we aren't and there will be more that follow us.

I appreciate you for helping my parent.

(((your inner

Letter to my Daughter

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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