Settling for Less Than, why

What happens when you settle for less... More money but less...

Would you settle for “less than”? Why? People say they wouldn’t but in the end, they always do, why? They say less is sometimes better, but I say, who wanted that in the first place? Now, let's talk about the shit you want, no matter how sophisticated it may be. Why fear?

Who wants to be or get less and less each day? Then, why can't you give more?  

We give up too easy, we give in and up before we try anything else of course unless, we’re working for “the man”. Personally and Professionally we’ve created a mental script as to how life should be. And when life does not play out accordingly our hands go in the air.

Want to know why we’re not more successful than we are,,,, we give up too easy. Why we don’t have better schools, jobs, relationships, money, power, it doesn’t matter, but we have not because we want not. Are they the same? Is less than and want not the same? Then, why do you want more?

Do you want more money but less responsibilities? To whom much is given much is expected. What about power?

The minute you start settling for less is the same minute you stop living. A deer can never stop running from a lion and if he does then you already know.

We are firm believers in the idea of getting more, we actually believe we have more, but it seems the more we get the more we want, what's the problem with that?

What kind of more are you searching for? There’s a good more and a bad more, a selfish more and a very generous more. Which more would you rather have?

The more we need is "the getting better, being different and accepting of those differences" - the very generous more.  Is that what you want in return? Now, what does that mean?

The kind of more we need is synonymous to growing better and different. How can you grow doing the same old thing? Don’t you want those things to be better and better each day or every time you do them? Wouldn’t that be the heaven of which you’ve dreamed? Remember, are you living your dream?

Sex, wouldn’t you want it to get better every time or would you settle for less? Why? Do you have the ability to distinguish the difference between what you need to do and what needs to be done? Why can’t you take your own self to school?

You must give more to get more. There’s no life without a plan and that all depends on you. Who wants less?

(((your inner

Krank It UP! 

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!