Do you think this is going to be interesting, is it needed and is it happening?

let us together suffer!

I'll start by saying, "you are damned if you do and damned if you don't".

You do your very best to live your life free of the bullshit of others and  this bullshit meaning "you don't want to be bothered by the wickedness of others. Believe it or not, some people think this is possible, well why do we have laws, rules and regulations. Even all this fellow human beings spend the majority of their time targeting you.

What you do comes right back to you and if you charge for your services to make a profit then what do you expect of the next man? Now, do you understand why China has such a great financial impression upon America?

Can you believe this, is it real, truth, fiction...crazy isn't it, believe what you want because you do not know, however most Americans would like to believe they are financially savvy, even though all they do is take advantage of the next American???

What kind of society is this and if it is in our society, doesn't this mean it is in our families, churches, schools, medical...every walk of life, ALL we ever face is more, and more Bullshit. It is even bullshit about the way America came to be what she is today.

It is bullshit how we proclaim democracy under the worse hypocrisy ever to exist in modern times. It's unbelievable our deceit, deception and refusal to take responsibility. If this country is not financially stable, according to Donald J. Trump, President, then how can "you" be stable. Now, there are some attempts to rule Mr. President Trump incapacitated does not any of this nonsense prove there is great instability within our ranks.

Now, apply to your homes because we are encouraged to vote and candidates are supposed to have our best interest at heart, but doesn't this really work just the opposite? How could a leader be against the people he leads and how can a society run smoothly against their leader, whether they like him or not, for example the case with Former President Barack Obama?

As I fight for my veteran benefits, denied, denied, more appointments, appointments,,,something is seriously wrong with the  people entrusted to run this country. There's something seriously wrong with the people entrusted to run our families...all this shit ties together and we will not tell the truth about nothing, which is why none of us can be trusted.

Cannot depend on how you grew up because we did not grow up this way,, you cannot grow up with this kind of mentality. Now, we cannot even solve a simple problem and that is we cannot resist shit but think we are prepared to attack everything??? Well,if we could peacefully solve anything why would we be expanding on more lethal ways of intimidating and forcing fellow human beings into submission, both domestic and foreign?

Must you have to go get into trouble to get out of trouble. Is there really any honor into dictating to another man how to live. If you start this, then you must continue and somebody is soon to become a royal pain in the ass to each other and this only takes one. Aren't you sick and tired of people being your pain? Where is it in this country you can go and just be yourself, for free? Would not you invest in this, if not for your generations but for generations to come or should we continue the "Rat Race"? Take responsibility for the lifestyle  you want to lead. You know all this shit is wrong, do it before it is too late. Who's going to survive in the next atrocity be it natural or man-made, but you can bet it will be and will be needing each in order to survive, Be prepared.

Are we a colony of China, East India, Great Britain... can you go to any of these countries and buy land?

In our own best interest is there a great need for Humble Farm Refuge?

One new development after the next, more expensive, poorer quality and this great injustice is self-inflicted and we know we're too addicted to change, so we just keep inventing more sophisticated lies. Where are our villages, can we progress above them? Click on Humble Farm Refuge to help us, help you before it is too late. At least have the gumption to go there and humbly make your presence known.

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!