Linguistics, Mannerisms, and Character for the New World

Categories used to separate people by class?

There are times when I write to learn, it not because I understand this all or want to utilize it but I can't believe what others venture to do with the shit I don't even understand.

Images do not necessarily refer to visual perception but to the way a given situation is categorized.

Linguistics, Mannerisms, and Character for the New World - America.

As I read about the use of these categories which were used as somewhat of a battering ram to deny Blacks brought to America, I see nothing changed today. As a matter of fact, I have a better understanding why none of this shit is working today.

Linguistics, Mannerisms, and Character, these categories are used as Class Disparities to detract from the portrayal of Black Americans as human beings. The punishment for failing to conform, in any one of these areas, was so harsh victims dared not violate and was intimidated into assimilation. These categories were the lines White Americans used to separate themselves, target practice and torment Black Americans. For any made up infractions were met with severe punishment.

The crazy thing about this all is White Americans didn’t even master these categories, yet held Black Americans feet to the fire for any interpretation, be it true or false. Hence, whatever a Black American did, it was never as good as the worse White American. How could you kidnap another human being, remove them from their land, take away all their rights, own them as your property, treating them less than humane; yet expect them to speak your language, adopt  your mannerisms and be of your character? What kind of character is this?

How can you communicate with anyone who refuse to communicate with you? It all has to be on their conditions, before you're heard and then it might be too late.

Is this the way it is/was or is this all in my mind? Is this something even worth learning? Then you free Black Americans and still require them to meet these standards, while you block all their means? How do you expect them to survive? Why would you require Black (supposedly free) Americans, denied to speak their own language, to learn your language, mannerisms and character; what kind of freedom is this?

Further, when it comes to other immigrants you require the same abused Black Americans to learn the immigrant language? Where is the “we're out of fucking control” understanding in all of this? 

How can you say a people you enslaved, used to entertain, tended your gardens, provided your food on the table, built your houses, buildings… sacrificed their needs to be there for your every beck and call, "you are inferior"? You don't speak or act right? 

These categories are still being used to separate people by class instead of uniting them. You can see this in other countries better than you can in your own.

Now, do you understand why our system of education is so "fucked up" - the blind leading the blind?

These inferior thoughts are so deeply rooted in our society; the people themselves believe them to be true and refuse to help. In America, it is practically illegal for Black Americans to help themselves or to be help by outsiders. 

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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