Living In The Box

Who created the box and what is the advantage of living within and without?

Living within the box generates a false sense of safety and security. People like to feel we all have the same and refuse to accept differences, unless they approve. The leaders of the box mislead those within the box to keep them in the box and this all is viewed as success. They don't expect nor respect anything different. The problem with this type of success is it overwhelmingly benefits the leaders of the leaders, while the masses suffer from taboos.

So, what makes this system so corrupt, what makes it so hard to get to the good... “We do, the people within makes it increasingly difficult to achieve good within the box”. Why doesn't the system want me to have what I deserve? Why must I always be required to meet some stupid criteria for things so available like clean drinking water?

Why do leaders of the leaders buy up everything to sell to the masses, why are they so concerned about profit?

Living outside the box creates dangerous risk, the greater of which means being rejected by those closely around you. We want differences and differences that benefit the whole.

Now, the question is what difference does any of this make? Living outside the box tells you everything is possible by anyone, i.e. harmony between all human beings is possible and necessary, without being forced.

The reality of the box is there is no box and the box referred to is the box we created to define you. Today, we are the proof that living within the box makes us all corrupt.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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