Living in the World without Me

It is the same as saying, "I love myself, but never learned how to love"?

Living in the World without Me

Living in a world without me

Sometimes you have go somewhere, sit your ass down and think about what you’re doing compared to what you should be doing. Sorting out what you desire as compared to your divine purpose in life.

If truth is what you believe, then what is reality? If you want good but see nothing but bad shit, what’s the problem, why? If you all you’re doing is producing bullshit how does this fulfill your divine purpose?

In my small town, I see people breaking their necks, scrambling around like a chicken with its head cutoff to build buildings, calling it development, progress, state of the art, but my question to you is, what the hell was that you are replacing? When all this shit we're building today is of less quality than the shit we build yesterday?

Why do we just keep destroying valuable resources to build something which has no value at all, except that we want to be believe, but know it is not? We ignore all logic, wisdom, laws of nature to defy what has been naturally provided? That's a lie in itself. Why create such stress?

We believe it but know it is as evil as hell. We live like we are going to be here forever, when in reality, our time on this earth is shorter than we would like to believe.

Even our religious beliefs are questionable, as compared to how we actually live.

I really want to find happiness in at least "one" thing we're doing today but am hard pressed to do so. I just don't get it... as stupid as I am, why do I see this wasted behavior and nobody else? Why do I see how counterproductive we are and nobody else? Are people this eager to be counterproductive? Is being counterproductive productive?

Why is everyone saying they're seeking people who are honest, with good character, responsible, accountable when they do not know the word?

Why do we live in the world, like we are not here, we just don't give a fuck. We just as soon drag your ass rather than help each other and we wonder why all this bad shit is happening. It is like we have no strength, we are powerless, so we need guns to make us feel safe,,,HELLLO? Now, our kids are taking these same guns and killing themselves?

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!