Looking for a Mate

Who wants your ass?

I used to think I was pretty hot and all... Stuck in a rut I want to get out? Interesting how we find over mates? Have you seen the list of requirements lately? Why are we so complicated?

Do we ever stop looking? We’ve come up with all kinds of clichés but none match the heart or they don’t match for long. Just get too close and see.

Too close, how do you see yourself? Everything about you, somebody else might not like, so you’re constantly looking. How many layers of protection?

Looking for a mate is like hunger and food. Seeing others eat is enough to raise your own appetite, you don’t have to be hungry to eat and if you get hungry you’ll eat damn near anything. When you have plenty of food you want a healthy variety. Though it may sound a bit crude, who wants to eat the same old food every day? These crackers have got all kinds of tricks up their sleeves, especially at night. People controlling mass media only put out what they want, while you...

Denying you! The best of us says there’s honor in denying self, but as you think about that, has anything changed for the better, why not? With advent of dating sites, have the numbers gone done? Will they ever? No, because your prescreening for compatibility keeps going up, more advice. How should you look, how should they look…? Do people who have less sex, less partners fair any better than those who do? Denying yourself only leads to scandals. Are you really denying yourself because you’re sneaking? From where do we get all these handicapped people? 

Hence, most of us walk around acting like, when we’re only trying to figure out where can we get our next meal. The pain and hurt comes from your lying. Why carry all that weight around?

Now, how much are you willing to do for self?

There are all kinds of people in the world, why can’t you be ONE?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!