Lust ful leggings!

Women are starting to talk: Should they be worn with more discretion, indoors or out, in the house, in the dark...???

Sometimes, it's good to "give a woman a compliment" and for me, now is one of them.

Leggings to Wear or Not to wear, when, how and are they disgraceful, distasteful... Does any of these descriptions apply to being nude, natural, birthday suits?

What are men saying about the decision to wear or not to wear leggings for pants?

One lady commented she wasn’t going to wear them and it went viral, so maybe this will go right behind it. She said leggings are too provocative, sends the wrong message and may be perceived as distraction, sexual invitation… So, the main deal here is “wearing leggings as pants attract the wrong kind of attention”? She confirms this with her husband being in agreement.

I don’t understand all the buzz, making news headlines??? Considering the advances made by women, personally and professionally, the whole idea is to be able to be the woman denied, without becoming a sex object for men and hypocrites. I think it’s not what you wear that makes you provocatively dressed and is really a “kick in the face” to women striving for the right to wear what they please.  Hell, you can wear a tint and be more provocative, attractive than a whore professionally dressed. With same sex marriages approved, don’t you think this kind of thinking is well behind what’s actually going on? Whose problem is lust, is it the victim or the perpetrator?

So, now when we go to the beach, there will be no more skimpy bathing suits because they’re too provocative, sends the wrong message, gets the wrong attention. No more miniskirts, high heels, no panties, thongs, fake boobs, hair, nails, piercings, tattoos,,, aren't these all attention getters!!! 

Isn't a nice car or nice things designed for people to see? Is it the clothes or the people? Does a big  provocative ass cause a man to loose his cool? What about money, then why don't we stop carrying? Which is better, in the dark or in the light?

Men have been staring at women, cat calls before leggings ever hit the fashion scene, so it’s not about the leggings, tank tops, cleavage, shoes, purses... We’ve wasted all this time and effort and now going back to the days of old, when men dictated what was appropriate for women to wear.

Leggings for pants, it’s nice to see a nice ass, no matter gender or what’s covering it and to be able to sport it freely is a testament to our ability to see and experience nice shit while at the same time minding our own fucking business.

Now, if your husband or you're ashamed of your body or have a problem with knowing what belongs to you, do act accordingly.

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To each his own....if you don't like it...don't look! If slave clothing is acceptable, then leggings certainly are!!

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!