HOw do you know, what do you do for your MVP for life? Wouldn't want to miss out on all the good things happening or could happen 4 my life.

Anyway, that is how I got started with this.

Why must we recognize this?

The MVP is about not wasting your life. It’s mind blowing how we’ve lived this long and it appears things have only gotten worse. Call it a smoke screen or what, but instead of things becoming more affordable, more available, better quality, more together; we’ve just advanced ourselves off the map. Most will not admit and tell you all about how well they’ve done, how we have the best things in life, but keep in mind, if the larger picture looks dim it took the smaller pictures to make it. Why do we go around like everything is okay? Why aren’t the frantic actions we’re taking leading us to where we’d like to be? Why aren’t we taking action with a purpose to combat our out of control frantic self-defeating actions? What’s going on with your sex life?

So, we’re addressing individual performance. We marry, become educated, seek gainful employment, get religion and other things like that and somewhere in there we settle as if that’s it, while things, we have control over, just keep spiraling out of control? The more input we make the more we interfere with human nature and the worse things get.

Why can't I get myself together? What happened to being helpful and helping others? Do you know how disappointed and guilty you feel for some family members, but you can’t do that for everybody? Do you know how attached we become to children and family members, so much so we turn into a giant crutch hindering them from everything good and wholesome? All because we see ourselves as going the extra mile to keep families together, we see ourselves as being a rock… but it just falls apart anyway and we succumb to misery.

How do you know when things are out of control and why do we give in to them? How long we’re we slaves? If we never admit to experiencing them…?

The control we believe we have is purely an illusion and this is because of the things and way we love? We fear facing situations in which we have no control, and we don’t want the responsibility we fear situations reaching that point, so we try to "make sure" nothing in our lives ever gets that far and while we’re so focused, we overlook the obvious – the things we do influence. What started out good is now corrupted for profit.

This fear comes from a lack of confidence and faith in life. We have improved transportation but the journey just gets harder. Our kids' lives aren't under our control.  My spouse's life isn't under my control, nor is my neighbor's nor my father's or mother's.  When I try to control them and fail at it--as I ultimately must--I'm building frustration and aggravation into my life as well as theirs. Now, our children are trying to do the same and the vicious cycle just continues.

Trying to control life is a losing battle from the beginning.  It's important that we step back and see whether our influence (not control) may be helpful or useful in a given situation, but if we constantly try to make sure everything turns out fine, we fail time and time again.  Isn't it important to use our strength and power in situations in which we truly do have influence (in our jobs and relationships, for example, focused on our own actions) rather than in ways that are doomed to be wastes of that energy?

Do to preconceived notions, we never tap the most valued person inside of us. As with sex, we’re just doing what we see and understand as acceptable to others and cannot enjoy the uncontrollable. The MVP 4 your life is YOU and you must recognize this in order to be a better YOU. Enjoy the uncontrollable inside you!

(((your inner

BLOCKAGE Whose on yOur List?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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