Facing Tough Days?

Are our days getting easier or harder?  Boy, by now you'd think we'd have it made, with all the preparation we've made for today. There's always something that just knocks you out of the water and what we don't want to realize is that, "it is self inflicted". Life could be so much more simple, but it seems we don't want that.

Especially, during these very turbulent times, nothing but bad news to compound your daily problems is all overwhelming and we don't want to admit. It's so intense we stop paying attention and retreat to our own little worlds. It's there we are trapped and caught off guard.

Do criminals expect to get caught? Yes and that causes them to better hide their crimes.

There are two kinds of problems, those we create and those we have no control over. The later problems are the easiest, but the most devastating and there's nothing we can do. The only course of action is to adjust your attitude.

The problems we create are  the hardest, adding more pressure, yet least devastating because they can be eliminated, depending on your response and the number of people involved. The most difficult of these are F a m i l y problems. There are some who wish to remain behind their prison walls.

We expect our days to go well, we expect to wake up finding our way clear, trouble free and this adds more pressure to the day. We have all kind of people who claim to help, motivate, inspire, but it seems the more of them we have, the worse things get. Do this, do that, pray, tithe, go to school, get a job...  And then, there's always somebody or something else to blame. And often times the problem is caused by those very close to us, they are people, places and things we least suspect.

When you have those tough days, when illness falls in our path, when death knocks,,, a good question to ask is, "Should a prisoner try to escape"? Then, what is it you need to do? That tells us, only you can escape from your problems.

We mire the world down when we give up on ourselves. No matter how trivia matter our little contribution is very important and people fail to realize that. What you fail to do must be done by others. Then, to escape, we do things which compounds our problems - drinking, vacation, money and other temporary fixes. Most of our problems would just go away if we could have the right attitude while going through. But no, we've been trained it's not supposed to be, so run and a quick fix, for a small fee. Now, everything depends on money.

The best way to face our problem is to be  better p r e p a r e d. Know your problems will be greater than you ever expected, otherwise it wouldn't be a problem. What good will getting upset do, only more harm. Remember, little things add up to big things.

Never give up? Do what you know you need to do and this attitude will better prepare us for the short journey ahead.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!