The Rights of Americans to make a honest living is quickly diminishing.

The influx of immigrants and the decline in jobs are quickly consuming the rights of Native Americans to make a descent living.

Making an honest living in America is quickly becoming more of a struggle.

Americans would like you to believe the number one reason for this is (((jobs))), but what does having a job have to do with being honest? What does having a job have to do with making a living? How did we ever get it in mind, that someone else providing you a job will help making a living easier?

Somehow, we have got the cart before the horse, with a high priority on jobs, instead of some much more important things to making an honest living.

A fair days pay for a fair days work is quickly eroding, if it ever existed. It may have existed for some but not for others. My thing is, how does a wise man allow anyone to impose the notion upon him, that he having or not having a job, makes living life easier or harder. It has to be an inhumane act/gesture for one human being to impose such requirements upon another. Whether you work for another human being or not should have no bearing on another human being's right to life.

There is something about limit competition or entrepreneurship, which has finally caught up to us. We've always had a double standard, a wealthy person was unlimited, a black person was denied, a Native American ignored, a woman was paid less and the shit just goes on and on. My question to you is: When were we ever able to make an honest living in America?

Conditions like, learn to read, write, high school diploma, college, no experience, over experienced, resumes, current events, community involvement, equal opportunity employer, remember sharecropping... limited and made the hiring process corrupt and now, those jobs we abused are now gone. The thing here is: Ain't nobody supposed to know shit but "them". They are the authority, the approval on every fucking thing. It's like they are the authority on history, nobody else was there. Nobody else sacrificed??? ,And guess what, we accept that bullshit!

They know about computers, books, building, cars, highways, stores, businesses, food, clothing, education and we are not supposed to know shit. But who in their right mind would want a job anyway? We are expected to be informed by "the news".

The honest living was with the indigenous people of the land and we abolished that.

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!