Milledgeville under boil water advisory

Then, where am I supposed to get water...

Milledgeville under boil water advisory, Milledgeville boil water alert lingers; public schools closed, Milledgeville boil water notice after main break, GA College in Milledgeville closed due to boil water advisory….. These are some of the headlines posted during a recent water advisory in my hometown and this has happen twice in 2016. It is also happening in other places across America, but these advisories seem to be rather haphazard. 

These warnings are handled like “no problem, we have an alternate water source, we have plenty of drinking water”. The warning I received by telephone said, “Do not drink the water until further notice”. And they go on to give a long explanation about the repairs.

I guess people are supposed to be prepared to boil their water. What if you don't have a telephone, what if you do not have electric or gas? We take a lot for granted.

Here are my questions: 
Where are alternate sources/emergency supplies of drinking water for those who cannot afford to buy water? 

Emergency plan, how long can we last if one of these alerts were to persist for a greater length of time? These alerts are signs of a greater problem.

It is not like we do not pay for this water, why are water bills not adjusted to coincide with water for which I paid but did not use. Why am I paying for something I did not get? 

These alerts are becoming more frequent and taken too lightly. As we are in a HEAT WAVE, as hot as it is and water being more critical than any other time, and you tell me not to drink it, to boil it before I can use it and limit the amount of water for which I'm charged whether I use it or not???

  • Water alerts are after the fact! How much time lapsed before the problem was detected?
  • Utility companies take no financial responsibility for interrupted services but have no mercy or consideration for customer financial problems. We are talking about life giving water now! More people than we would like to think are drinking from public sources. Boiling water before you can use it raises costs of other utilities, gas and electric.
  • Automated messages, id shows as some name which you cannot connect to a city wide water alert. There is no emergency contact information. 
  • What if you don't have a phone, how much longer before you are officially alerted? Where are the humans behind the machine. Make me feel like it is an all-hands-on-deck emergency

Got another alert today...This problem bigger than we would like to think and the way we are handling it is an accident waiting to happen. If county and city water supplies, which come from the river, are safer than drinking from the river and you tell me I cannot drink county and city water, then I may as well drink boil river water and forget the rest. But you have a mandatory garbage fee connected to my water bill and I cannot get one without the other!!!    Water Alert!!! Ain't some of this shit UNCONSTITUTIONAL?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!