Money laundering Dr Sebi

Can a man of Afrikan descent catch a break anywhere? Why such a tragic end?

Sustainable living and Money laundering - Dr Sebi? Enter to learn depart to serve. No bad people, just sick people.

As we force feed you all this harmful bullshit but caution you about healthy products and services, which are readily available, at no or little cost??? A man in my shoes cannot help but pause when you hear of a man in his shoes. Mutual Dignity and respect and heed the lesson learned, even an elephant knows this!

Are you serious? Why are you so serious about stuff which is not serious? Healing is not serious, a very pleasant thing to do, occurring naturally if allowed, but making you sick has become to be more serious and takes priority. Do you fully understand the repercussions of being so serious?

Wealthier criminals travel daily, no question about the hurt, harm and danger caused to earn their bucks, but a world renowned herbalist, what did the Honduran government suspect? Who did he piss off to this tragic end?

A man who never attended any formal institution yet successfully defended himself against the greatest institution in America, the Supreme Court of America. Detained for carrying, something with so little value as money, He was released for providing proof, but died in the meantime - Damn???

Pure in thinking at 81 years of age, a message that is not mine but ours. If you did not go to school, you don’t want to listen to too much of anything that doesn’t make sense. Jailed for practicing medicine without a license, does not address good or evil. Is this a law implemented by the healthcare industry? What did we do prior to the healthcare industry gaining so much power and prestige? Why is not the nurturing of mom good enough any more  - mother wit?

The healthcare industry is vehemently anti-herbal and see natural remedies and cures with no place in our modern day society, even they are the foundation for medical industry today. Why would we discourage a people from helping themselves? People sworn to protect and serve are threatened by people committed to protecting and serving??? Hired people are not allowed to think, to listen to their inner voice,  on their jobs, which is threatening to their superiors. When they encounter us they do not know what to do because they did not receive instructions from their superior bosses. All they know is you appear to have more power than their superiors and their superiors would not allow this. So they detain you, until. And that is their sole purpose, to distract, deter, anything good for the whole, but not sanctioned by their evil superiors. 

Even though we know the world in which we live is very sick/ill, it seems we would appreciate any little help we can get, but this too is just the opposite. We have actually made it illegal to help yourself.

The USHA Healing village in Honduras, people go there to be healed, take advantage of its pristine environment, no criminal intent anywhere, but we create this because it threatens profits? Geothermal springs.

Now, you can go to a hospital emergency room, "if"... be charged an astronomical fee "if"... leave wondering "if" and this is all well and good. But for the man who has helped sooo many of us, which the world refuse... our natural ways are constantly suspect.

There is only one disease, mucus, which is the cause of other diseases. Dr Sebi, Alfredo D Bowman, passed away 6 August 2016 in Honduras, his place of birth, after being arrested for alleged money laundering, in the very institution he fought so hard to avoid. R.I.P.,,,, Sholom

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!