More Than One Woman


Is everyone meant for marriage, why do we act like that, what are they supposed to do? Are we ignoring them, throwing the baby out with the bath water? Now, I love women and it’s a natural state of being for me, but what about you?

Why is domestic violence soaring at alarming rates? Why do we leave our children, which are our future to suffer,,,WTFU? Is this a serious matter or is this some more of that trivial bullshit? So what exactly is the wealthy doing for the poor?

How do you change a lifelong tradition- Do you actually own anything? Why are you trying to control everything-always over complicating matters? Does it take a village or "Just the two of us"? Why are we pitted against each other? Why are you so repulsive to that idea, yet so receptive of an idea not working? Why is one partner so quick to blame/accuse the other? Who's fault is it really?

Are you supposed to have more than one? Well, that depends on the woman you think you have. What are you all doing, is the attraction still strong or are you just oblivious to the obvious?

Most just close their eyes and put up with the shit to save face, while a few others defend their honor. But, how can you force anyone to love and stay with you ((only))? When you get tired of doing the same old same old, what do you do – stress and depression? How do you release the stress? Well, if we have more marriages ending in divorce than staying together, what is the problem?

Somebody tell me why I feel like dying-abusing, killing your spouse/family/community? I still can’t stop loving and nor can I get over you, no matter what I tell myself, no matter how hard I try,,, What’s my problem? How do we get over the love we had, your laugh, does you “EX” just disappear?

Even though I know you don’t want me any more I can’t stop thinking about you. Are you showing me two can play this game? What are you supposed to do while I am pleasuring myself- getting even? Even though we know two wrongs don’t make a right- saving face.

Now, I understand, I speeding too fast or you too slow? What exactly is the point? Your heart was to be there for me and my heart for you, but what happened?

Marriages, are they a platform for ownership? Why are they so hard to maintain? Are we going against the grain? Do you need a piece of paper to remind you of your family? Can you keep up with your family tree? Why do you depend on your enemy to maintain, to validate your actions.

You shouldn't have to have multiple partners, but don’t knock those of us who do? WE do not need your hypocritical ass to validate shit. Are we thinking or just going alone?

Are our relationships more generous than selfish? Change takes more than one. One person cannot do it alone.

(((your inner

Friends in High Places

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!