Be careful it’s that time of year again!

More Cops, more Crime vs. Haste, Hype and Dread?

Is it because there's a new surge of people? Is it because the same old people become more sinister?

The Most Depressing Time of Year on the planet, Be careful it’s this time of year again.

People will have already prepared and then there are those of us scrambling about to play catch-up before December 25, 2015.

We say MERRY, we say HAPPY, sing Joy to the World,,, but our actions,,, are otherwise, why? Due to religious reason, we've even removed MERRY, to increase our profits.

99% of the time we criticize people looking for something for nothing, until this time of the year. Then, the flood gates are "suppose" to open with shit coming from everywhere, even down your chimney. Now, what did you actually get for Christmas and for all of this  "you are supposed to be grateful"?

This time of year comes in two parts: Early and Late, there is no being on time, living in the moment. It is so commercial, those who have already prepared are going to be so disappointed and those doing their very best to beat Santa, will be completely depleted.

The crazy part about this all is the more commercial stuff we do, the more stressed, and depressed we become and on top of that comes mountains and mountains of DEBT and WASTE. You know what comes after that???

All the glitter and glamour is a masquerade for what’s really going on. In addition to all the evil bullshit in which we were engage, this is a time for even more phony bullshit. Is this what this time of year is supposed to be about? All year long we’re busy knocking each other down, then Christmas is even more intense. The pressure to shop is even greater, me, me, me and mine. Material shit is nothing to give and instead of having more quality time to spend with friends, we have even less. If Christmas is all that, why don’t we do it every day, just like we do everything else. To hell with a birthday, let’s live better?

Stores, businesses are busy stuffing their stores with junk and their pockets with money. If Christmas was about what it is supposed to be, all stores and businesses would be closed. People would do more things to spend more time with people.

Is it all about distracting and deceiving you?

(((your inner

Christmas Suicide and Depression

Christmas Consumer Credit Counseling

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!