Where is it and how do I tap into it?

My Motivation, Inspiration... How many times has the world been right? Was it about something serious...

Here's another little well kept secret::: How many times have "white folk" been right? Would I be prejudice by asking that question, in that manner?

From where do we get this word, how, who, what, when and where?

Is it in school, job world, Investments, citizenship...and don't forget about church? Where's your motivation and from where does it come and what in the hell do you do with it???

Do you know why we have so many sorry people, well more sorry than productive? Do you even realize we have so many more sorry people than we do good? Why is that and whose fault is it? Is it even a fault or do you say we have well-more productive people than we do non-productive? Are you fuckedup or is it me?

I do a lot of stupid things, and is smoking, drinking and chasing women one of them? What about shooting my neighbor? Who is my neighbor? Are you with the system?

What about spending a life time trying to keep up with what’s being dictated to me by somebody who calls me anything but good?

Are you really as good as you think? Would you work for a society deliberately created against you? How much money would they have pay you to “shut up, not think and to say nothing but good things about the system designed against you”?

My motivation, what makes criminals do what they do? What makes us, causes us to be one better than the other? Now, in your thinking, I’m “fucked up, don’t know shit, writing shit, the unthinkable shit for a Putzer Prize winning” but I’ll never get it,,, just because it hinges on all the right motherfuckers. That’s ashame isn’t it, to promote only whom the system accepts?

The system, is this really the best system we can establish? Do we really know any better? Does our system really work, or does it work just as good as any other? What benefits are we really enjoying? How long must you work for another man to enjoy them? The only way you’re going to understand what I mean is “for your dumbass to work for me”? Then, you really really understand how fuckedup you and all this bullshit you refer to as a system really is? It is so “fuckedup” Barack Obama will not even admit.

That’s another thing, with all our infinite wisdom, why are we just now electing a Black President, think about shit and if they hate him,,, what do you think about YOUR dumb ass?

My motivation comes from within and it tells me to tell another man he’s hurting me, when he’s actually hurting me. It tells me, the only way for me to get where I need to go is to be truthful and that is unlike your ass to me. How many of us can really be trusted? Then, why do we trust some like evil  banks and hate others like me?

Why do you even go to church, just come back out and do the same old stupid shit, when did you really change? The more you go to church, the more fuckedup you really are or is me?

Why do you look to another man for your motivation, Your learning, Living, your life, for your whole life?

So, if you solve the math problem, pass the quiz, graduate; and would you join the ranks of them who know?

(((your inner voice.com)))

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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