feel the pinch? What investments?

From positive to negative, which is the right direction? Your first day and your last day.

Every time I make an investment and get any kind of return on it, so does the IRS. The more I make the higher prices, the more they take ... even retirement. and people say, I'm negative.

Why are you considered lazy for not wanting a job and everybody with a job don't want to work it? The only people I've seen happy going to their job are those with some kind of serious mental problems. People working jobs, all they want to do is "get off". Can you imagine being offered $500 annual salary and being caught with a prostitute just before getting your first pay check? What about making 25 million a year and being kicked out for "dog fighting"? Animals even have more rights.

Is it the harder you work the more you earn? How hard is hard? Must you compromise your integrity? Do you really know what you want and is it a job? How are your finances, negative or positive? Do you really understand what negative is?

What good is your high school diploma? If you do not know negative, then read no further. But if you understand the higher you go, the farther you go, the more you reach, the more you have, the more you want, more stress involved and stress equates directly to a great negative...depreciation mentally and physically and it's a killer.

Overlooking appreciation! Most of my friends who consider themselves successful, all they do is sit around watching tv, more drinking, eating, phone, computer…more stress. You must do some things, most of which we work to get away from. Who wants to plant a garden, if you had a choice between a tv and a garden which would you choose? A good stereo or a garden, what about all the stupid things we buy under the idea of decoration?

You think about all the stuff people are going through… got a very talented friend in ICU from a bad drug, another who cuts down trees and the tree fell on him and the likes of these things are constant. I’m approaching my alumni weekend and in talking with one of my classmates, he says he’s not with this kind of stuff. My question to you is which direction is the right direction? You go to school all these years but don’t want to see the folk with whom you went to school. Are we growing together or further and further a part?

Who do you blame and why..politicians, teachers, preachers… did you know how wrong they were? Did you really need that loan to buy that car, house, stereo, tv, that college education, that high school education, that voters card? If you want to receive federal funds to go to college must you register for the the draft?, selective service they call it. What's the connection?  … had you done without you would be better off today.

Why complain about paying taxes, when you didn’t have to get one of them jobs? Just goes to show how much our wants outweigh our needs. And these wants are so impregnated in us, we even see them as dreams. Do you ever dream of enough or are you always wanting more? And then when you get the shit… Even with a yacht, a 20 million dollar house, the minute you get that shit, you “wish” you never seen it! There are two good days with this kind of shit, your first and your last. All them years of paying them high ass notes and now you’re a slave to do more in order to keep it, during the worse of economic times. Do you feel the pinch?

The idea being to make more, easier and cheaper

Will more jobs actually or help solve our economic slum? How hard is it to create more jobs? The other side of this is, you got a job, you're busting your ass and all they tell you is "thank you". What good is a gold watch to a fixed income, the company is still growing?

Had you known then what you know now would you have taken another direction? Ever seen a person who works thirty, even forty years on a job and they’re broker today than yesterday, yet the company is still growing, how did you miss that? You're working like hell but getting nowhere, are food stamps to blame? 

A 25 cent loaf of bread, now 3 dollars, is thank you enough? The employees make more but as a citizen everything cost more, what good is that? Negative or positive?

So, if you don’t know what negative thinking can do for you, now you do. It ain’t what you know as much as it is who. Does negative have anything to do with finances? What is your attitude? How can you take care of self when you’re listening to all these other people?

From where do you learn to show appreciation and does it count? Who appreciates you? Is thank you enough?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!