Never Apologize for being White

Why would a White woman be driving a pickup truck with these bumper stickers: Exclusively for White People?

Is there anything on this earth exclusively for any people and if there was, there would be no White People in America? What about the war on terrorism? 

Who are you seeking to terrorize and why?

Seeing this bumper sticker I thought "what an attitude especially from a woman". Is she supporting people just because of skin color or is she referring to atrocities committed by White people, in order to exploit people, land and resources? 

Could it be she's referring to being American and if so, how can White people consider themselves American or any more American than a Black person born in America?

This flag caused me to lose respect for all flags. Continue reading "I’m Right You Wrong"

This sign caused me to wonder why, why are White folk so against black folk and black folk are not against them? How could anyone be justified in hating someone for nothing?

Since when has a White American had to apologize for anything, be it the way White people in America came about labeling themselves Americans, the treated Native Americans, Women, Children, Afrikans... - people, land and resources? Is it their very violent and abusive history and does this history apply to their future? Where's the mismatch and to whom goes the advantage?

Does being real make doing bad things good? Are any other people known for criminal behavior in America? The only people known for criminal behavior in America is White people. Who takes responsibility for the outlandish criminal behavior of a people?

(((your inner

I'm Right You Wrong!

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Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!