Niggers who work to keep other Niggers down 

Are you one, Are you your own people?

They say white folk kept and is still keeping black folk down, is this true? Do they exist, is it detrimental and what color? 

As we blame Masters for being masters and Servants for being servants, we create our own shackles. It is us who made and are still making slavery a BAD thing. You give meaning to the words.

Serving is an honorable thing so just how did us Slaves miss the honor in serving our Masters, if the Maters got theirs? Especially, White folk why are they so ashamed of what they did during the Trans-Atlantic-Slave-Trade? Has this made Black folk so ashamed of what they did? Slavery or not, why would you participate in something, anything knowing it will bring you great shame?

If American slavery went the way it was supposed to go, then a slave would never know he was a slave, nor a Master. The idea here is getting an understanding and getting over whatever it was that’s still happening, holding you down. Because you believe it's not, does that make it not? Because some white folk believed they were treating their slaves well, does that make it true? What's wrong with a man who doesn't listen? Why are we still creating our own shackles and who would want to be shackled?

Is there any logic in the fact that black Americans are more a slave after slavery than during slavery? Are we that well-trained, fearful? How can anyone be forced to be "a good slave", why didn't Native Americans submit?  Was the Trail of Tears and act of submission, can you be forced to commit terrible acts, even to castrate your own? My thing is to get at people who keep other people down and to make it very clear "we're still intentionally keeping each other down", black or white. Why would any man force another to live under deplorable conditions, what about your conscious? What about karma?

We've made money our scape-goat and now you have to put up with all this crazy shit to get what we need and is already given. This directly equates to happiness. Why like we needed to put more crazy shit in the game? Why cause this unnecessary suffering for your families, friends, communities...?

Most wouldn’t admit even though today we’re confronted with behavior more outlandish than yesterday. Why must we be more cautious today than yesterday when we worked for more freedom? Why would you need to force anyone to treat their slaves in a humane manner? Why would a deer work with lions to keep lions fed, is that natural? Why would a nigger work with white folk to keep black folk down? Is it all about ensuring white folk get fed, then what about black folk?

If you don't believe this is so, just ask our President and niggers come is all sizes, shapes, colors and even more devastating, they're who you least suspect.

We will not admit things are getting worse and we work like hell to cover it all up. We think there is honor in burying our shit, acting like it never happened. Well, what are you doing to ensure what you will not admit is not happening and will not happen again?

Why wouldn’t you want a slave to have honor in serving? If even one man works to keep down another man, then that man works to keep down all men.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!