Obama, Obama, Obama

Do you reckon there are any Nigga Haters left? Do you reckon that's what this campaign against Obama is all about or is it politics?

Well, a president is a president, a man is a man, equal opportunity employer, unbiased reporting, we love everybody, we're good ole Christians working to go the heaven? We're not womanizing ass hoodlooms who don't know their asses from a hole in the ground. We give charity...

And it ain’t even his time for election! Most of us voted for this man for a special reason,,, boy how quick can that shit change??? It's like our lives depend, well their lives depend on President Obama rising and shining and if he does, they'll be Johnny on The Spot, to snuff it out. Do we not have more loyalty for our favorite sport teams? Do you help the big and strong or do you root for the underdog? What if the bully is picking on some innocent person trying their very best to do their job? The underdog does not want to fight, just play and you watch as the bully beats the shit out of the underdog over and over again? Do you, would you think such ridicule is needed, makes for healthy politics? How evident of our desire to inflict severe pain and suffering on others.

Of all the presidents for whom I voted do you think I thought they were the best man for the job? I voted because I had the right to vote, not because it was going to do me any fucking good. How can a racist, former slave owning cracker benefit me? How do you think I should feel about slavery, is it oh well, over and done or does the shit still exist?

Who do you blame for the crazy shit going on? From the sound of many smarter than me people one would think they blame all the violence and abuse, all the wrong things, anything for the good of this country but because Obama is the President, they blame it all on him. And it doesn’t matter who’s running, if they are democrat then “their Obama Lovers”. Now, that’s a whole new article in its self. We always want to label some fucking body and it’s the pot talking about the kettle. How do you get peace, harmony out of shit like this? How do you grow and distribute food, take care of the land and with all you do, you are never happy? How can you tell anybody about success, when you’re not happy?

That’s some fucked up reality to face isn’t it, as you pat yourself on the back with, “If I’s”. If I were the President”, “The President should”, “Obama Care” and the “fucked-up” list just goes on. Do you really think “one human being” could be so “fucked up”? Get serious, grow-up, make a good decision and help it grow.

As you look back at America, her history and the people causing it to happen,,, Now, that’s “fucked up”. Even crazier, these people are offended when you tell them “their hurting you”. They’re like a Master, with no mercy. That’s why we have no more fucking “good jobs”, no more good people doing good fucking things,, No MORE GOOD things to do and that includes jobs.

How can you expect, anybody to work, do a good job under such unnecessary pressure? It’s like beating a man who volunteered to do the best job you hired him for, voted for and now, your unloyal asses? Just think about that shit for moment: What kind of boss, leader, citizen, teacher, educator… would merciless “beat a man especially when he’s down”? Do you know when enough ass whipping is enough? And that is the root, the primary cause of every problem going on in America today.

The people we put in positions of power have no sense of loyalty, dedication, appreciation for land, people and Resources they're sworn to serve and protect. We have enough shit to be “thankful for” but that still is not enough to keep our fucking mouth shut, to help a fellow human being, even if he’s the President,,,”without regard to race, color, party… all the things we say shouldn’t matter.

Then there are “the others” who stand idly by” watching this mass massacre, chatting “we're saving souls”.

What about Black men and White women, What about Same Sex, What about Porn… is any of this any less than what… That is the answer. You must not speak out, no more wars, racism, woman right violations, child abuse, crime, alarming incarceration, corrupt justice… all that shit we say we do, if we just did it? If we just stood for right about how we want to be treated and what we want in return. That would completely annihilate all this cronyism and corruption. Why do we say we do and turn around doing the exact opposite and then what somebody to cover for our asses? Isn’t that what your church does and still doing? How cruel!

If the man wasn’t a good President, we all would rally to his side anyway, just to defend against all this merciless, ridicule, violence and abuse. Who’s the greater man, the one doing the job or the one talking about doing the job, for which do you vote, for which do you support? At the end of the day, HE’S STILL THE FUCKING PRESIDENT, like it or not.

John Andrew J Kerry

Barack All People Obama

All bullshit aside, for which man would you, do you put your money? NOw, on which should I  put mine? Slavery still ain't over and the Trail of Tears hasn't ended. Last but not least, why can't your respect that, "shut the fuck up and do your work"?

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